Mamata Banerjee’s overall brand score is highest amongst 30 top leaders

Kolkata, Feb 02 (Agency) Checkbrand, an online sentiment analysis company announced the data around online sentiments for top 30 political leaders in West Bengal. Checkbrand analyzed data for 30 political leaders for the last quarter, ending December 2020, to understand the present political scenario on the social media landscape. Checkbrand analyzed more than two million online impressions for the report. CM Mamata Banerjee has ruled the maximum trends (Twitter, Google Search, Wiki, YouTube etc) in the quarter with 1750 trends, followed by UPA’s Adhir Ranjan Chodhury 995 trends. This was followed by NDA’s Mr. Dilip Ghosh with 887 trends.

Mr. Ashish Banerjee ruled NO trends; three ministers from UPA also ruled no trends which includes Sabina Yeasmin, Manoj Chakraborty and Abul Hasnat Khan. Mamata Banerjee was leading the maximum mentions on social media at 16700 which is almost 20% more than the rest of the 29 top leaders analyzed in this data. None of the UPA’s minister has more than 700 mentions. NDA’s Suvendhu Adhikari and Dilip Ghosh are at 5700 and 2000 mentions each respectively. Mamta Banerjee’s total media engagement is again above the overall engagement generated by rest of the 29 leaders in West Bengal.

Mamta Banerjee’s engagement was 201100, followed by NDA’s Suvendhu Adhikari at 92100 and Dilip Ghosh at 61800. These three leaders almost ruled the overall social media engagement amongst 30 leaders reviewed by Checkbrand. As far as overall sentiment analysis for CM is concerned, it stands at negative at (4.3), Roopa Ganguly’s overall sentiment stands at positive (50), Abhijit Mukherjee’s sentiment analysis stands at (45.4). Sitaram Yechury’s sentiment analysis stands at negative (16.2). Mamta Banerjee’s overall brand score stands at 70 out of 100 which is almost equivalent to all other nine leaders analyzed in her party which is 72.21.

Adhir Ranjan Chodhury brand score stands at 53.31 and Roopa Ganguly’s overall brand score stands at 48.23 followed Suvendu Adhikari at 46.02. Speaking on the sentiment analysis, Mr. Anuj Sayal, MD, ADG Online and Checkbrand said, “We have been analyzing various brands and political leaders for their social media ranking. Checkbrand can help anyone improve their social media profile and ranking. Our expert team can help build the positive profile and help improve the overall brand score through analytics.” Checkbrand wanted to create a platform which could help brands understand their real value in terms of presence on social media.

Till date there is no such tool which can analyze the brands on so many parameters and present a clear image on the social media spends. The company has been able to develop such a tool which can help brands understand their worth and improve it further wherever required. ADG Online is the new age digital market maker, which specializes in formulating digital lead gen strategy, and conversion led plans. ADG Online has been helping various blue-chip accounts and government organizations in devising their reputation in the online media space. The company was set up by young, dynamic, tech specialist duo- Anuj Sayal and Deepa Sayal. ADG Online’s digital solutions help brands enhance their visibility and reputation on online platforms through explicit market segmenting, measurement, monitoring, and performance analytics.