Kalpins announces 10x growth in the business during the pandemic

Kolkata, Nov 23 (Bureau) Kalpins, premium performance marketing agency based out of Pune announces 10xgrowth in their business during the pandemic. The company has generated huge sales and high ROI for its clients through their sales-oriented hyper-targeted branding and marketing solutions. “Over the years the definition of marketing has changed tremendously. From print ads to influencer marketing, it has come a long way and it continues to evolve each day. Modern marketing leverages data analytics, human psychology, and creative branding to give a business the results that they deserve. We are competent and committed to blending advanced sales and growth-oriented marketing with engaging creativity to build profitable brands,” says Sonu Sukumaran, Co-Founder and Director of Kalpins Marketing Solutions.

As a growth and performance-oriented digital marketing agency Kalpins specializes in Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Digital Branding, and Lead Generation via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. An interesting fact is, 75% of their clients have grown their business and achieved consistent returns even during the pandemic when the majority of businesses are suffering. “Our strength is to acquire customers for our clients through the digital medium. It is true that the global pandemic had initially made marketing more challenging but our psychology-based targeting and full-funnel optimization helped us to generate huge volumes of business for our clients”, explains Gaurav Bhagat, Head of Operations of Kalpins. Kalpins firmly believes that the time for generic marketing has passed. Today, marketing must reflect the unique ideas of brands and should be tailored to the preferences of the target demographic. “We cater to Manufacturing, Tech, Outsourcing, and B2B, among other industries and also provide Personal Branding services to dynamic individuals. Each category requires industry-specific targeting and marketing”, states Gaurav Bhagat.

Kalpins focuses on understanding the pain points of the client and delivering customized digital marketing solutions that guarantee results. They customize their services according to the business needs to maximize the ROI of a particular company. With their clients clocking in millions of dollars in revenue and witnessing remarkable growth each year Kalpins Marketing Solutions has become one of the most sought after digital marketing agencies based in India. They also serve clients across the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and are in process of acquiring new projects in other continents. Established in 2015, Kalpins comprises marketing, media, design, development, and communication specialists who are eager to create engaging experiences for the target demographic of their clients. Their ultimate goal is to increase their client’s revenue through digital marketing.