India will become USD one Trillion economy if female workforce participation increases to 43 pc from current 23 per: Dr Manish Kumar

Hyderabad, Feb 21 (FN Agency) Dr Manish Kumar, CEO , National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) has said that India will become USD One Trillion Economy if female workforce participation increases from current 23 per cent to 43 per cent. Speaking at the Skills Summit, organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Telangana in collaboration with IMT-Hyderabad here on Saturday, Dr Kumar in his keynote address on Virtual platform said that COVID times, learning through digital platform has become important we all have to work together to bridge the digital gap and ensure universal accessibility. Through Skill India platform NSDC has shortlisted 600 job roles and provided training in 400 courses in 11 languages. There are many online courses and platforms offering high quality training.

He also mentioned that there is a need to increase female workforce participation and India could become a USD One trillion economy if the current level of 23 per cent increased by 43 per cent and Covid has proved that many jobs could be performed while working from homes. Mr Navaneet Mishra, Vice President & General Manager, Hexagon Capability Centre India said that students should focus on finding solutions to the real life problems. He also urged that faculty and students could break the problems into small and solve them. He also said that now self-learning is important be it in the educational institutions or in the organizations.

Dr Sriharsha Reddy, Dean, IMT-Hyderabad said that in the current times the employees and students need to reskill and upskill themselves on a regular basis for their future jobs. Mr Ganesh Chandan, Chief HR Officer, TATA Projects said that there was a fixed notion earlier that all employees need to be present at one place but the new normal is large remote workforce and it would be a distributed workforce. Now all workforce need to learn effectively with people and ensure to deliver the expected outcomes even while working remotely. Traditional business systems are changing and many HR functions have changed drastically. Technology and outcome based supervision are going to drive the future businesses.

Mr David Kwee, Founder & CEO, Training Vision Institute, Singapore said that globally the higher education sector is changing rapidly and through online platforms the students can have access to the best in class faculty. Mr Prateek Parashar, Technology Leader, Oracle briefed about AI in business and emerging technologies in IT Sector.