Goodknight Salutes Women for their #PyaarWaliProtection in a New Digital Film

Mumbai, Mar 8 (FN Agency) To commemorate International Women’s Day, Goodknight, India’s leading household insecticide brand, unveiled a new digital film. Themed around ‘Pyaarwali protection’, the film is based on true stories of real characters and each sequence is treated like a slice of life, humane story portraying different roles of women, acting as a guardian, a friend and a protector and how Goodknight leverages these little moments and celebrates womanhood on this special occasion of Women’s Day making the film powerful, heart-warming and enduring.

Conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson Mumbai, this film by Goodknight showcases young siblings where the brother is scared to sleep next to the window and his sister exchange places with him so that he can sleep peacefully. We also see a young woman waiting uncomfortably for a bus post working hours and avoiding creepy stares from a group of men standing nearby. She is rescued by a woman cab driver that notices her situation and offers her a ride home. Lastly, a father and son are seen having a good time at home watching a match. The mother calls the father to inform that she will be late to reach home. She instinctively adds that in case they are planning on watching the game all night, they should switch on Goodknight to keep away mosquitoes. The husband is surprised at how well his wife knows them. The film ends with Goodknight thanking women for each of their roles and their ‘Pyaarwali protection’.

The film is also helmed by four women leaders of their respective fields. This includes Shreya Shroff as the Director of the film, Shraddha Singhvi as the Producer, Priya Pardiwalla as the Creative Director and Somasree Bose as the Head of Marketing for brand ‘Goodknight’. Sharing her thoughts on the film, Somasree Bose, Head of Marketing (Homecare Category), Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL), said, “A woman defines the true meaning of care and protection for her family and loved ones. Be it as a mother, sister, daughter or wife, a she always seeks the best and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. As India’s most trusted brand for protection against mosquitoes, we are dedicating this film to all women who stood strong and offered an unwavering support.”

Priya Pardiwalla, Sr. VP & Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson Mumbai, said, “To create something honest and authentic for women’s day, we realised that the starting point itself needs to be real. We spoke to our friends, family, colleagues and the team at Goodknight and asked them to tell us stories of women who have supported them, watched out for them, protected them. We weren’t just looking for inspiring stories but even happy funny playful ones. We hope that the result is a sincere thanks to every single woman for being who they are.” I’ve been very fortunate to work on this beautiful idea for Goodknight and pushing the story forward to make a powerful and strong film that reflects upon the simple moments between siblings, portraying real life incidences between acquaintances and celebrating courage and determination by ordinary women in their daily lives and creating extraordinary stories, making relationships endearing and strong” added, Shreya Shroff, director of the film. Shraddha Singhvi, producer for the digital film, commented, “We, at Skadoosh, are ecstatic to have partnered with Godrej and Wunderman Thompson for such a warm campaign for this Women’s Day with a beautiful thought not just for the film but also behind it’s making.”