France to replace Corona lockdown with curfew starting next week

Paris, Dec 11 (Agency) The Covid lockdown in France will be replaced with a dusk-to-dawn curfew from starting from December 15, as the the country struggles to contain the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, French Prime Minister Jean Castex said. “We will introduce a curfew from December 15, but it will be stricter. It will be in effect from 20.00, not from 21.00, as mentioned earlier,” the prime minister told reporters, adding that there would be no curfew exceptions on New Year’s Eve.

The prime minister added that the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the country was not over. “We are on a plateau, the number of new infections is no longer falling, but slightly increasing over recent days,” the prime minister said. Cultural institutions, including museums, cinemas, theaters, which the French authorities expected to open from December 15, will remain closed for at least three more weeks, according to Castex. The current stay-at-home state order at a national level came into effect on October 30, and the government announced its three-stage lockdown relief strategy for next month. To date, national health authorities have confirmed 2,337,966 COVID-19 cases, 56,940 related fatalities and 174,658 recoveries.