Delhi govt to facilitate registration of e-autos: Kailash Gahlot

New Delhi, Feb 15 (FN Representative) Delhi government will soon start facilitating the registration of e-autos, Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said here on Sunday. ‘’E-autos can complement e-rickshaws in providing zero pollution last mile connectivity in Delhi. Delhi government will soon bring out a scheme to facilitate easy registration of e-autos in Delhi,’’ Mr Gahlot said on the occasion of launching the next leg of the Switch Delhi campaign.
‘’Two and three-wheelers contribute to two-thirds of pollution in Delhi. Three wheelers run on the road for 12-16 hours every day. The focus of Delhi EV policy on this segment to enable their transition to electric will greatly benefit Delhi’s air quality,” he added. While e-rickshaws have a top speed not exceeding 25 kmph, e-autos are comparable to CNG autos and have top speed of around 50-60 kmph and can travel longer distances, said the Minister.
The Delhi government is already giving subsidy of Rs 30,000 on e-rickshaws but now under the EV policy, the same subsidy has been extended to e carts/loaders and e-autos, he revealed. Mr Gahlot said purchase incentives of up to Rs 30,000 per vehicle will be provided and scrapping incentives up to Rs 7500 are available for scrapping and de-registering old CNG auto rickshaws registered in Delhi. Road tax and registration fees will also be waived for all electric three-wheelers, Mr Gahlot said. ‘’Subsidies provided by the Delhi government under Delhi’s EV policy on electric three-wheeler autos reduce the total cost of ownership of the electric three-wheeler by up to 26 per cent,’’ he added. By switching to electric three wheeler auto, an individual buyer can save around Rs 29,000 annually. Similarly, the subsidies provided on electric three wheeler e-rikshaw under the Delhi EV policy reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 33 per cent, said Mr Gahlot.