Daffodil announces Work from Anywhere job opportunities to hire Remote Employees

GURUGRAM, India, Dec 30 (Agency) The leading software solutions company – Daffodil Software announced the launch of ‘Work from Anywhere’ job opportunities with plans to recruit remote employees in technical roles. The company plans to run the hiring drive across India boosting its remote work culture.

After the ‘work from home’ culture has been embraced globally due to the pandemic – organizations world over are now focusing on giving their employees the best competitive advantage of ‘work from anywhere’ promoting employee flexibility and comfort. Daffodil has also realized the sustainability of ‘work from anywhere’ and its importance in increasing its EX or Employee Experience. It not only gives employees freedom to work from anywhere but increases the overall employee productivity. From the company perspective, it allows Daffodil to tap into the countrywide talent pool that was earlier limited to its regional offices.

The IT services provider also announced hiring 500 new employees demonstrating a business growth of 45% amid COVID-19. This only strengthened the management’s decision to introduce new opportunities for its remote employees. Daffodil’s growth can be attributed to the timely project management, delivery, and sheer tenacity and adaptability shown by its employees in these unprecedented times.

The company was able to deliver large software projects because of its advanced tools and training imparted to the employees which enabled them to continue with the workflow without any hiccups in a work from home setup.

“The drastic changes brought by the pandemic in the global work culture has made us adopt a new concept and lifestyle. The new normal ‘work from home’ has been now shifted to ‘work from anywhere’ and has made it convenient for many remote job seekers to get hired and make the most of such opportunities. We look forward to create an optimal environment for our remote employees focusing on employee experience,” said Yogesh Agarwal, CEO & Founder (Daffodil Software).