Ajmera introduces FamilyFirst- A campaign thats an IndustryFirst

Mumbai, Jan 26 (Agency) It took a global pandemic for people to realize the value of something that they had always taken for granted. Families. And so, in a world where social distancing became the norm, people did something that they never took time to do before. They got closer to their loved ones. They devoted their time for their homes. They prioritized the needs of their family members. And they did all this when their life and their world was far from normal.

Ajmera, played its part in inspiring families to find their shining moments of togetherness, even in the times of the world’s greatest crisis. And they accomplished this through diverse social media campaigns that clearly depicted how families can share responsibilities, have conversations, create activities, have fun and do so much more even while working from home and staying in a lockdown. After all, Ajmera has shaped a journey spanning five decades around enriching lives and not just lifestyles. Every innovation that was introduced, every masterplan that was unveiled, and every landmark that was delivered was born of a larger-than-life vision to better the environment, experience, and lifestyle of the quintessential Indian family.

So, this Republic Day, while the nation gears up to celebrate the era of freedom once again, Ajmera is poised to launch an initiative that will ensure the average Indian family regains freedom that it has long been awaiting. The right to be first in the minds and hearts of its loved ones. Ajmera, feels immensely proud to give the nation #FamilyFirst.

More than an initiative, #FamilyFirst is a philosophy that will endeavour to seep into the daily psyche of an average city dweller and help make a commitment to family needs a regular priority. An idea with a scope that extends beyond the boundaries of a home, #FamilyFirst will aim to bring about a change in perspective and behaviour that’s unprecedented, not just across the landscape of the realty industry but across the social fabric of an entire region. Imagine people from every segment of society, every sector of the industry, every choice of occupation, career, and business prioritizing the goals, aspirations, and interests of the ‘families’ that inhabit work, business, and commercial environments across the city.