After two days, petrol and diesel price rise again

New Delhi, Feb 23 (FN Agency) Petrol and diesel prices were raised again on Tuesday after a two-day stay domestically due to rising crude oil prices in the international market. Today, petrol in the capital Delhi increased by 25 paise to Rs 90.83 per liter and diesel rose by 35 paise to Rs 81.32 per liter.

London Brent crude has crossed $ 65 a barrel in the international market. It has also impacted the domestic market. According to Indian Oil Corporation, a state-owned oil marketing company, petrol in the capital Delhi has increased by 25 paise and diesel by 35 paise per liter. Petrol and diesel prices have reached an all-time high. Currently, the prices of both fuels are running at the highest level in almost every city. In some cities it has even crossed the Rs 100 level.

The new year has not been good for petroleum fuels. In January and February, petrol has become expensive for 25 days so far, but it has become expensive by Rs 07.02 in these days. With petrol, the price of diesel is also on the way to make records. Diesel has become costlier by Rs 07.45 per liter during 25 days in the new year. The price of petrol / diesel in the four metros of the country is as follows: