New Education Policy will be implemented from this year despite Covid

Tumakur, May 31 (Agency) Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister Ashwathnarayan, who is also Minister for Higher Education, today said that the new Education Policy will be implemented from this year despite Covid-19. Inaugurating the International Virtual Conference on Biotechnology and Industry held at the Siddhartha Higher Education aAcademy here, he said the National Education Policy is the answer to all the problems faced by in the country’s educational system, students and parents. According to the new policy, the entire society is leading the educational institutions and the same institutions should be followed by the industries. He asserted that the most essential human resource for the industry must come from educational institutions.

In the meantime, all preparations have already been made for the implementation of the Education Policy, which has been delayed due to covid and the policy will provide access to quality teaching and quality learning, as well as open up multi-subject learning, he added. It is true that educational institutions must have global quality infrastructure. However, the government is generous in this regard. It is not argued that all facilities should be made by educational institutions. Instead, the government has given free opportunities to develop facilities and enter into agreements with industrial institutes or any global educational institute, he added. Stating that the internship period of students studying in technical and professional courses has been extended to one year due to the need for quality HR in the industry and all industry representatives, including NASSCOM, have come forward to cooperate in this connection.