Education policy complementary to make India developed country

Bengaluru, Sep 3 (Agency) Higher Education Minister Dr CNN Ashwath Narayan said radical reforms in the education system had to be implemented if we were to become a developed country. Speaking after inaugurating the National Symposium in collaboration with the University of Bangalore City and Mount Carmel College on National Education Policy, he said that “we have heard many people say that India is a developing country and are still listening. When, then, will India become a developed country? How to find the answer? The obvious answer to that, I can say, is a new national education policy, he said .

“I am worried that some people are politicizing a national education policy that has the power to effectively rebuild the country. I want to say again and again that this is just a student-centered education policy, ” Ashwath Narayan said. Stating that,” Knowledge and skill are now essential elements. Wonders can be created with the addition of knowledge. The government is thinking in this direction and learning for proficiency is being encouraged.