Dilip Kumar annexes TNBSA Snooker tourney title

Chennai, June 13 (Agency) In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Dilip Kumar of Southern Railways annexed the title in the TNBSA – Fast 35 Single Red Open Snooker Tournament ’24. He secured the championship title defeating Mahesh Aditya of TNBSA 6-1 in the finals. Mahesh Aditya started the match with a promising win in the first frame, demonstrating his prowess and putting pressure on his opponent. However, Dilip Kumar quickly found his rhythm and launched a relentless onslaught, winning six frames in a row.

His strategic play and composure under pressure enabled him to dominate the best-of-11 battle, ultimately clinching the title with a decisive 6-1 victory. The tournament, known for its innovative format, drew 80 players from local parlours, clubs, and academies, reflecting the vibrant snooker community in the region. Participants were divided into 16 groups, each consisting of five players. The top two players from each group advanced to the last 32 knockout matches, creating an exciting and competitive environment throughout the event. Chief Referee Vijay Kumar, known for his meticulous style and fair play, oversaw the matches, ensuring that the tournament ran smoothly and maintaining the highest standards of officiating. His presence added an extra layer of professionalism and integrity to the competition, a TNBSA release said.

Prominent persons in the organization of the tournament included President and Tournament Chairman B.G. Muralidharan, Treasurer E. Sivakumar, Joint Secretary Nataraj, Office Administrator Swaminathan, and Executive Committee Member Sunil Kumar, who initiated the innovative format. The Tournament Director was Executive Committee Member Balamurugan, and the Member-in-Charge for Billiards section Waseem Ahmed. The Chief Guest at the prize distribution function was the 6 Reds Snooker IBSF World Champion, S. Shrikrishna, whose presence added to the prestige of the event. The TNBSA – Fast 35 Single Red Open Snooker Tournament ’24 not only highlighted the talents of seasoned players but also provided a platform for emerging snooker enthusiasts to showcase their skills. The success of the tournament underscores the growing popularity of snooker in the area and the commitment of the TNBSA to fostering local talent and organizing high-caliber competitions.

Dilip Kumar’s victory is a testament to his dedication and skill in the sport, and his performance in the tournament will be remembered as a standout achievement in the snooker community. The event concluded with a celebratory ceremony, honoring the players and organizers, including Chief Referee Vijay Kumar, who contributed to the tournament’s success. Results : Pre-Quarter Finals: Dilip Kumar (SRSA) beat Radhesh (Towers Club) 4-0 Vinod S (Q.Shot) beat Mahadevan (SSA) 4-1 Prabhu Kesavan (QBC) beat Mayank Karthik (AACSA) 4-2 Varun Kumar (MCC) beat Kamal (MUC) 4-3 Vishal Mani (SVS) beat Arun (TNBSA) 4-2 Mahesh Aditya (TNBSA) beat Samiullah (TNBSA) 4-1 R.Girish (SRSA) beat Freddy (MRC) 4-0 R.Loganathan (TNBSA) beat Hasan (TNBSA) 4-3 Quarter Finals: Dilip Kumar beat Vinod Shanmugam – 5-3 Varun Kumar beat Prabhu Kesavan – 5-4 Mahesh Aditya beat Vishalmani 5-2 R.Girish beat R.Loganathan -5-2 Semi- Finalis: Dilip Kumar beat Varun Kumar 5-1 Mahesh Aditya beat R.Girish – 5-2 Finals : Dilip Kumar (SRSA) beat Mahesh Aditya (TNBSA) 6-1.