Railway policies being made keeping rich in mind: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi Mar 4 (Agency) Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government alleging that the Railway policies were being made keeping only the rich in mind. On a social media post on X, Rahul Gandhi said the BJP government’s railway policies were affecting 80 percent of India’s population that depends on Railways. He said the Modi government by showing the dream of making those wearing slippers travel by plane is in fact distancing them from the vehicle of the poor i.e. the railways.

The Congress leader alleged that the government has collected Rs 3,700 crore from senior citizens in the last three years by snatching away the concessions given to them.He further said that to increase the number of AC coaches, general coaches were being reduced and farmers, laborers, students, and employed class travel. Adding that the production of AC coaches has increased three times than normal coaches. He termed ending the tradition of “presenting the Railway Budget separately as a conspiracy to hide these exploits”.