PM Modi wants to privatise everything: Rahul

Ashoknagar (MP), Nov 9 (Agency) In a no-holds-barred assault against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, erstwhile Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused the former of desiring to privatise everything and waiving debt to the tune of Rs 14 lakh crore for tycoons while doing precisely nothing to bridle the price rise. Addressing a rally in this district of election-bound Madhya Pradesh, the visiting leader averred, “The Prime Minister alleges that the Congress does not help the poverty-stricken. What scheme has he commenced over the past decade for underprivileged citizens? I have watched a video of BJP leaders urinating on a tribal youth’s face.” Accusing Mr Modi of making contradictory statements, Mr Gandhi said that a couple of days back the Prime Minister claimed that India has a single caste – namely the impoverished – but on the other hand, claims himself to be a OBC member.

“How much participation do OBCs, dalits, tribal folk and General Category members have in running India? My OBC, dalit and adivasi brothers and sisters; you must have all someday dreamt of assuming the mantle of IAS officers. Of the senior-most 90 bureaucrats, only three hail from the OBC segment. As soon as I comprehended this, I discovered the cure. The maiden measure to combat unemployment is a caste census,” the Congress leader underlined. The BJP disseminates hatred, divides Hindus and Muslims plus creates schism among castes, he alleged. “Madhya Pradesh’s peasants are not receiving fair prices for their yield and are reeling under debt. Crop insurance amounts were also not received whereas 16 companies were given Rs 30,000 crore of which a Rs 25,000 crore component was earned through GST. No ryot ended his existence in Congress-ruled Chhattisgarh,” Mr Gandhi claimed.