Cong steeped in arrogance; believes in divide and rule: Nadda

Bhopal, Mar 26 (Agency) The Congress in general and its erstwhile president Rahul Gandhi in particular came under a vitriolic assault from the saffron camp on Sunday as BJP President Jagat Prakash Nadda unleashed a veritable political barrage by accusing the former party of rending democratic traditions and being synonymous with graft, commission, division, nepotism plus dynasticism. Addressing a convention of booth heads of Bhopal and Narmadapuram divisions at the Madhya Pradesh capital’s Motilal Nehru Stadium, the visiting leader said, “The country shall never pardon the Congress, which is unwilling to apologise for its unparliamentary language. In what condition is the Congress today? Listening to that party’s leaders’ speeches reveals that they desire to pit brother against brother, caste against caste and village against village.” Specifically saying that “I do not want to name any leader,” the seasoned politician went on to say that there are discussions regarding how “that individual” is immersed in ego and possesses negligible comprehension.

“This very day I learnt that the Congress is staging a countrywide satyagraha. Mahatma Gandhi conducted satyagraha in South Africa and India for Bharat’s honour and pride, for ensuring that Indians ruled India! What is the Congress’ objective? They say that someone is a thief. Their leader has been disqualified from Parliament but is still not dismounting his high horse. He claims that he does not harbour trepidation for any personage. At least be fearful of the Constitution and the rule of law. Most backward people were made the butt of caste-related abuse,” Mr Nadda thundered. He mocked a certain leader’s statement that family background ought to be taken into consideration while implementing the law. “What style is this? No limit exists vis-à-vis pleasing their bigwigs,” the BJP top boss observed. Pointing out that the BJP is the world’s largest political party; Mr Nadda added that when Mr Narendra Modi was chosen as the Legislature Party leader in 2014, he said that the BJP ought to have an office in every district of India. “As many as 290 are now functional, 115 are under construction and land has been acquired for 123. Our mantra is reform, transform and perform. The Prime Minister is concerned regarding the villages, the indigent, the deprived, the oppressed and the peasantry. India is numero uno in the context of smartphone utilisation and data consumption.

We are at the apex in global finance technology use. Corrupt people were against digitalisation. India has attained second place in steel output and is at number three in the automobile industry, even ahead of Japan. We are presiding over G20 at a time when the world has emerged from the pandemic. The Russo-Ukraine conflict created recession. While economies were shrinking globally, we overtook the UK and are at number five spot. The reason behind this success is our Prime Minister’s bold and timely decisions,” he emphasised. Mr Nadda touched upon various achievements of the Centre and the Madhya Pradesh dispensation by focusing on milestones crossed in poverty alleviation, food supply, investment, housing, railways, air connectivity, roadways, employment, medical education and energy. He rained fire on Congress stalwart Kamal Nath for attempting to create hurdles for the Ayushman Bharat and other schemes during his chief ministerial tenure. “Mr Nath could scarcely tolerate empowerment of women; advancement of the impoverished and the cultivators,” Mr Nadda alleged during his 31-minute-long address. Earlier, he performed bhoomi pujan for the BJP’s new state-of-the-art office here.