Cong attacks Flag Code amendment

New Delhi, July 8 (Agency) The Congress on Friday slammed the Centre over an amendment in the National Flag Code allowing it to be made in any material and said it needs to be withdrawn at the earliest. “The BJP is a ‘pseudo-nationalist’ party which has no understanding and respect for our freedom struggle. The Modi government has brought in a change in the National Fag Code under which ‘tricolour’ can be made with other material. Earlier, the law was that you could make a flag only with khadi. But, now, they are saying you can make it in polyester,” Congress leader Ajoy Kumar told the media here.Attacking the BJP, it said: “It is known to everyone that polyester comes from China. By permitting the import of machine-made and imported polyester flags, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has attacked the essence of khadi and the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi.

“All the materials of ‘statue of unity’ (Gujarat) came from China despite the fact that they captured our thousands kilometers of our land. Now, the ‘tricolour’ material is going to come from China.”The government’s move was an attack on the freedom struggle and handloom workers, Kumar said.” The tricolour is a symbol of the nation’s freedom and sovereignty. Its khadi signifies how the people of India defeated the mighty British Empire using the simple charkha, a symbol of self-sufficiency, spiritual humility, national integrity, social equality, communal harmony and non-violence,” Kumar said.The Congress leader said the grand old party agrees with the demand of the Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha for the amendment to be withdrawn and supports its decision to hold a ‘Dhwaja Satyagraha’ on July 30.