‘Wheat seeds should be treated before sowing’

Hamirpur, Dec 14(FN Agency) Agriculture wing of the Himachal weather department has advised the farmers to treat the wheat seeds with Bavistin or Thiram @ 2-2.5 g per kilogram of seed before sowing to get maximum yield. The suggestion comes in the wake of heavy rains lashing the region and maximum- minimum temperatures likely to range between 20 to 26 degrees and 5 to 7 degrees respectively in the next five days with 20-65 per cent relative humidity. The weather department has recommended a seed rate of 100 kg/hectare to the farmers for getting optimum wheat yield.

It has suggested that before sowing, seeds should be treated with Bavistin or Thiram @ 2-2.5 g per kilogram of seed. For chemical weed control in wheat, spray isoproturon (75WP) @ 70 gm + 2,4D (80 WP) @ 50 gm or clodinafop @ 24 g (10WP) or 16 g (15 WP) per kanal after 35-40 days of sowing i.e. 2-3 leaf stage of weed. After 2-3 days of clodinafop spray, apply 2, 4-D @ 50 gm/Kanal. Use 30 liters of water for making a solution for one hectare. For getting a good crop of the mangoes in the coming season, it has suggested wrapping of plastic sheets around the mango trunk for preventing climbing of young mealy bugs. Apply grease to seal any cracks in the polythene sheets. If the stem borer problem is there to spray insecticide or control them with applying kerosene oil. Keep the basins of the plants free from weeds. Irrigation should be done in all orchards. The ensuing weather is conducive for the attack of leaf miner in Citrus. For its control, spray 10 ml Metasystox or Malathion 10 ml in 10 liter of water. For the control of Citrus canker spray Streptocycline Sulphate 500 ppm solution. Remove the shoots below the graft or bud unions. Prepare the pits for planting the winter plants like pecan nut, walnut, almond plum and peach. In peach gum is coming out from the tree trunk, for control bordeaux paint may be applied in the affected area.