Upcoming book by Penguin talks about love, literature and second chances

Kolkata, Nov 16 (Representative) Penguin has announced the publication of the highly anticipated debut book of the year, Love On The Second Read, by Filipino author and two-time Plance awardee Mica De Leon. Pitched as Emily Henry’s Book Lovers meets Netflix’s romantic comedy Your Place Or Mine, Love On The Second Read is a workplace romance between two Filipino editors set against the backdrop of the vibrant Philippine book publishing scene. De Leon has masterfully crafted a narrative filled with friendly-flirty banter that has the power to capture the hearts of Booktok and Bookstagram communities worldwide. Promising to tug at the reader’s heartstrings, Mica De Leon beautifully explores the profound journey of granting ourselves second chances in love, transcending the shadows of our past relationships. Through its narrative, the book delves into the complexities of confronting the repercussions of life’s choices, especially within the realm of love, emphasizing the significance of self-forgiveness to pave the way for new love. Additionally, Love On The Second Read also eloquently articulates the idea that while moving forward, one need not entirely relinquish their past, advocating for the acceptance of one’s former self.

In its essence, Love On The Second Read stands as a heartfelt tribute to the world of books, reading, the dynamic publishing industry and love itself. Sprinkled with lyrical nuances borrowed from pop-icons Taylor Swift and Harry Styles’s poetic verses, and laced with an array of popular tropes, such as rivals-turned-lovers and the irresistible allure of forced proximity, this book offers a unique literary experience to those who enjoy the contemporary fiction genre. Commenting on the publication of her book, author, Mica De Leon, says, ‘I’ve been a book editor for almost a decade in the Philippines, quietly working in the background to help Filipino writers in their journeys to become authors. It is so surreal (and weird in a good way!) that I have my own book now, and funnily enough, it’s about books and book editing and stories and book publishing. In a way, Love On The Second Read is my love letter to the book publishing industry itself, to authors, to the readers, and to anyone and everyone who knows the trials and tribulations of making a book. There’s so much love in the industry – and I’m not just talking about romances. I hope readers have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.’

Nora Nazerene Abu Bakar, Publisher at Penguin Random House SEA, adds, ‘Romance stands as a significant genre in today’s literary landscape, owing to its ever-expanding readership. This means, there exists ample opportunity for authors of colour, particularly from Asian and Southeast Asian backgrounds to craft romances that authentically mirror the multicultural and multifaceted world we inhabit for a global audience. Mica De Leon’s Love On The Second Read not only promises to enthral romance nerds but also serves to carve out further space for Filipino representation within the global literary domain. We are very happy to be bringing this title about love and one’s love for books and publishing.’ A must-read for fans of beloved books like Exes and O’s by Amy Lea, the riveting banter of The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, the delightful antics of The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren, and the heartwarming allure of Better Than The Movies by Lynn Painter, Love On The Second Read is sure to take its place on the bookshelves of discerning readers everywhere, enchanting all who seek the magic of love, literature, and the power of second chances.