National emblem unveiled on new Parliament

New Delhi, July 11 (FN AGency) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday unveiled the National Emblem cast on the roof of the new Parliament building.The emblem is made of bronze with a total weight of 9,500 Kg and is 6.5 m in height. It has been cast at the top of the central foyer.A supporting structure of steel weighing around 6,500 Kg has been constructed to support the emblem.

The new Parliament building is being constructed by the Central Public Works Department.Started in January 2021 with an estimated cost of Rs 971 crore, the project is supposed to be completed in time for the winter session of Parliament.The new building is expected to accommodate up to 888 members in the Lok Sabha, 384 in Rajya Sabha and up to 1,272 seats for a joint session.This has been done to keep in mind a possible expansion of Parliament after the next delimitation.