India will become world leader due to intellect, innovation and hard work of youth

New Delhi, Dec 24 (Mayank Nigam) “India will become a World Leader Due to the Intellect, Innovation, Confidence, Passion and Hard Work of its Youth. The youth of this country is contributing both economically and socially all over the world. Wherever there is a major revolution, it has been through the power of the youth, be it technological revolution, spiritual, social, or scientific revolution. The contribution of the new generation is making us proud every day. India will be a Vishwaguru on the basis of its youth’s imagination, innovation and mindset”, sai Om Birla, Speaker, Lok Sabha at the Inauguration of the ‘Newly Constructed Grand Building’ of ‘WPU School of Design’ named VISHWAKARMA organized by MIT World Peace University on Saturday at Swami Vivekananda Auditorium, MIT World Peace University, Kothrud Campus, Pune.

Rajeev Sethi – Padma Bhushan, Noted Indian Designer, Scenographer & Art Curator & Chairperson, Asian Heritage Foundation, Shriniwas Patil- Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha, UNESCO Chair Holder Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad – President, MIT WPU, Rahul V. Karad – Executive President, MIT WPU, Prof. Prakash B. Joshi, Founding Trustee, Patron, MAEER, Pune, Prof. Dr. Mangesh T. Karad, President, Managing Committee, MAEER, Pune and Prof. Swati Karad Chate, Executive Director, MAEER’s MIT, Pune were present. Birla further said, “There is lot of focus on leadership, democracy and governance in today’s world. Leadership is not only limited to politics, it has to be in every field. One should lead in their own field and develop impactful leadership qualities. If leadership is strong in every field governance, accountability and transparency will be strong everywhere. If there is peace around us, we can work more effectively and with confidence. India is emerging as a major player, we will show the right path to the world and with an collective effort, we will be soon a developed nation. We have always considered the world to be our family. If there is any challenge faced by the world, India has pro-actively tried to find a solution, as seen in the recent Covid-19 Pandemic.

We proudly call ourselves as the ‘Mother of Democracy’ as Democracy is in our veins, with our gram panchayats being an excellent example of grassroots democracy. We must take lead in the field of research and make India a research hub. India should witness the birth of every major innovation in the coming future.” Rajiv Sethi said, “We need to understand more about Indian design techniques and ancient advancements. Also we need to understand the new approach to art. Today’s concept of design is not only about design, art or music, it has become a melting pot of all these ingredients. We need to promote Design as a ‘Samuhik Yatra’ and focus on minute detailing in this generalized world.” Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad said, “One should take efforts to find the design of their own lives. One can find the design of their lives by studying the Indian Philosophy, technology and culture and by implementing those teachings in their own lives. Once you understand the design of your life, you can mould yourself in a positive way.” Rahul Karad said, “The concept of ‘Design’ has become important in the evolution of our young minds. How you carry yourself, how you see things is all part of design. Indian Design can be introduced as the ‘new style’ for the world if we concentrate on it. MIT WPU’s School of Design will concentrate on the ethos of this country and its culture and will promote Indian design to the world in a more creative and dedicated way.” Dr. R. M. Chitnis presented the welcome address, Prof. Dr. Gautam Bapat compeered the program and Dr. Guruprasad Rao gave the vote of thanks.