India supports rule based international order: Om Birla

Jakarta, Oct 6 (Agency) India has always supported a rules-based international order, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said on Thursday addressing Presiding Officers of G-20 Parliaments on the theme “Effective Parliament, Vibrant Democracy”. At the 8th Summit of Speakers of G-20 Parliaments (P20) held in Jakarta, Birla said India has called for supporting multilateralism for global peace and stability so that we can unite to address the challenges facing the world and find solutions in accordance with the aspirations of the people. Birla said that as India is now going to chair the G-20, it reiterates her commitment to greater solidarity and cooperation among the G-20 countries.

Observing that in the changing context, the engagement of the people with democratic institutions has enhanced further through technology, Birla told the distinguished gathering that India’s goal is to connect the youth with Parliament and accordingly various programmes are being organized by Parliament of India for their active participation. He stressed that during the glorious journey of 75 years of democracy, India’s democracy has become more empowered and vibrant and our Parliament is making continuous and consistent efforts to pave the way for inclusive social and economic development of the people.
Earlier, intervening in the debate on the theme “Emerging Issues – Food and Energy Security, and Economic Challenges”, Birla said that global instability caused by Covid-19 has created a food and energy security crisis across the world.

This has significantly increased concerns regarding food and energy security for developing countries and weaker sections of society, the Lok Sabha Speaker added. He stressed that global problems should be suitably addressed through collective efforts at the global level and our commitment should be to ensure availability of food and energy resources sustainably at reasonable rates. He also said that the Russia-Ukraine crisis has also adversely affected food and energy security in the world and reiterated that India firmly believes that for inclusive development of the world, such conflicts should be resolved through mutual dialogue and diplomacy. Birla expressed condolences for the loss of lives during the football match in Jakarta and wished speedy recovery of the persons who have been injured in the incident. Earlier, the Lok Sabha Speaker led the Indian Parliamentary Delegation to the Inaugural Session of the Summit.