‘Himalayas must be conserved’

New Delhi, Dec 24 (Bureau) Three-day HIMSamwaad- 2022, Trans Himalayan conference on Localized Solutions and Implementation Strategy concluded at Dr. YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry(UHF), Nauni with a call for garnering the support of all institutions in the conservation of the Himalayas. Presiding over the valedictory session, Chief Guest Menri Ponlop Rinpoche, Head Teacher of Menri Monastery Dolanji Solan said HIMSamwaad is important as India is developing and people are coming to the Himalayas.

“The Himalayas are a rich source of water for a large percentage of the world’s population and it is very important that we must conserve it to ensure the well-being of this large population. Though technology is growing, we are losing our ancient heritage. We are known for our spirituality and traditions which must be conserved. It is our collective duty to keep the Himalayas alive and our traditional knowledge can go a long way in our efforts of conservation,” he added. Prof. Rajeshwar Singh Chandel, UHF Vice-Chancellor, was of the view that we are in the phase of substituting the harmful practices in the Himalayas with localized solutions. “Efforts and the views expressed by the participants will go a long way in developing a framework for future actions in our ultimate goal of Himalayan sustainability.

We welcome all the technology-based interventions, but those must map and align with Himalayan requirements,” added Prof Chandel. Padam Shree Jadav Payeng, also known as the “forest man of India” urged the Universities and forest department to impart practical knowledge. He said we must not stop at just planting a sapling but ensure that it lives and grows into a full-fledged tree. He added that India is set to become the country with the highest population and it becomes all the more important that we plant more trees in the wastelands. He called for encouraging Bamboo plantations in villages and empowerment of women for the development of the nation. Payeng said the Himalayas are important not only for our region but for the whole world and laws need to be put in place for its protection. Payeng’s message to students “Plant a tree on your birthday instead of cutting a cake”, Padma Shree Dr. Kshama Metre called for multiplying individual efforts for Himalayan conservation by collaborating and adopting desirable local practices. Shyam Parande, Secretary of Sewa International thanked all the participants and sought their active participation in future efforts for Himalayan conservation.