Haryana giving the full amount of water to Delhi : Dr Yadav

Chandigarh / New Delhi, Jun 12 (Bureau) Haryana Minister of State for Irrigation and Water Resources, Dr Abhe Singh Yadav said on Wednesday that Haryana is diligently fulfilling its commitment to provide water to Delhi. Haryana not only meets but exceeds its obligations in this regard. Haryana government has never been negligent in providing water in the past and will never be negligent in the future. Yadav said Haryana’s priority is to prevent any disruptions in the water supply to the national capital. He stressed that while Haryana ensures the provision of ample water, the responsibility for its utilisation and management falls upon Delhi.

If there are shortages despite Haryana’s efforts, it is incumbent upon Delhi to scrutinise its water management practices. Regarding the Supreme Court’s directive for the Yamuna River Board to verify water inflows from Himachal Pradesh, he clarified that as no water has been received from Himachal Pradesh, the verification process has not commenced. He affirmed that had Haryana received water from Himachal Pradesh, it would have promptly channeled it to Delhi. He emphasised a holistic approach to the water issue, highlighting the longstanding legal mandate regarding the construction of the SYL canal.

Despite a clear directive from the Supreme Court in 2002 for its construction and allocation of water to Haryana, this decision has yet to be executed. He underscored the significance of the SYL issue, noting that its construction transcends mere politics for Haryana, as it directly impacts the state’s lifeline. Dr Yadav pledged ongoing efforts to push for its construction, lamenting Punjab government’s resistance despite the Supreme Court’s unequivocal directive. Yadav said there is a need to improve the internal distribution of water in Delhi. Unless there is continuous improvement in the infrastructure of electricity and water, the situation may worsen. He said it is very easy to blame others, the court will decide whether the allegation is right or wrong.