Delhi govt to illuminate 5 monuments in tricolour to mark 75 yrs of Independence

New Delhi, July 11 (Agency) The Delhi Government will illuminate five historical monuments in tricolour lights to mark 75 years of independence, a statement issued from the Deputy Chief Minister (CM) Manish Sisodia’s office said on Monday.These monuments chosen by the state government to get illuminated with the tricolour lights are Birji Khan’s Tomb in RK Puram, Baradari Qudsia Bagh, Bara Lao Ka Gumbad at Vasant Udhyan, Gol Gumbaz near Lodhi Flyover and Tomb of Paik at Mukarba Chowk. The decision was taken after a review meeting regarding the conservation of 71 historical monuments that come under the purview of the state government. Meanwhile, directions were also issued for the restoration and conservation of the historical sites.”

The Delhi Government is working on the restoration of these monuments and will organise various cultural events around them to celebrate their historical importance and spread awareness about them,” the statement quoted Sisodia saying after the review meeting.”Historical monuments in Delhi symbolise the country’s evolution over a period. These extremely important historical buildings have remained neglected for a longer time, which has caused much damage to them. The Kejriwal Government is ensuring that each of the monuments under its responsibility gets a facelift as soon as possible without tampering with the essence of history associated with it,” he added to the statement.