Centre clears policy to publicise govt schemes on OTTs, digital media platforms

New Delhi, Nov 10 (FN Bureau) With consumption of digital content on the rise, the Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry has approved Digital Advertisement Policy 2023 to enable and empower the government’s advertising wing Central Bureau of Communication (CBC) to undertake campaigns in digital media space. The new policy has also enabled the CBC to empanel agencies and organisations in the OTT and Video on Demand Space. “This policy marks a pivotal moment in CBC’s mission to disseminate information and create awareness regarding various schemes, programs, and policies of the Government of India in response to the evolving media landscape and the increased digitalization of media consumption, ” I&B Ministry said in a media release on Friday.

The digital advertisement policy of the central government has come in the middle of assembly elections in some key states including Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Also, the general election is slated early next year. The CBC operates under I&B Ministry and is responsible for creating awareness and disseminating information about various government programs, schemes, and policies in India. The new policy is aimed at wider government outreach in the digital era. With social media platforms becoming one of the popular channels of public conversations, the policy further streamlines the process through which CBC can place advertisements for government clients on these platforms.

The policy also empowers CBC to empanel digital media agencies to enhance its outreach through the various platforms. The official statement said that huge subscriber base in the digital universe coupled with technology enabled messaging options through digital advertisements will facilitate effective delivery of citizen centric message in a targeted manner, resulting in cost efficiencies in public oriented campaigns. As per TRAI’s Indian Telecom Services Performance Indicators January–March 2023, the internet penetration in India as of March 2023, is over 880 million, and the number of telecom subscribers as of March 2023 is over 1,172 million. “In recent years, the way audiences consume media has witnessed a significant shift towards the digital space. The Government of India’s Digital India program has led to a huge growth in the number of people in the country who are now connected to the internet, social and digital media platforms,” the I&B Ministry said.