Audit plays a crucial role in upholding democratic framework : Guv

Kolkata, Nov 29 (FN Bureau) West Bengal Governor C V Ananda Bose on Wednesday waxed eloquent about the crucial role audit plays in upholding the democratic framework. Addressing the concluding function of Audit Week 2023 to commemorate the occasion of 3rd Audit Diwas, Bose said audit should act as a guide for the executive functionaries to ensure that the functioning processes remain within the corridor of prescribed framework and such framework is not breached by the functionaries. “ Audit should keep meticulous watch over the propriety aspect, with due concern about efficiency/effectiveness in functioning, “ he opined. He was very emphatic about the fact that audit should have the competence to discern the truth from the maze of facts it comes across and provide its view in an unbiased manner.

He appreciated the role the CAG has enacted by citing Reporting of CAG on ‘2G scam’, ‘Coal block scam’. Bose encouraged all to remain truthful towards their work and ensure fearless/unbiased reporting. Satish Kumar Garg, Principal Accountant General (Audit-I), West Bengal, briefed the Governor that in the context of newer priorities of governance and changing dynamics of work culture and in terms of emerging financial accounting systems and new technologies, the CAG is constantly innovating through ‘introduction of innovative audit products for focused engagement such as Departmental Appreciation Notes, Management Letters and Study Reports’, ‘adoption of technology tools like Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System and Global Positioning System for audit planning, implementation and evidence gathering’ and ‘embracing emerging technological trends through implementing an integrated IT system called the OIOS system or (One IAAD One System) for audit process automation and knowledge management’.

Garg further briefed the Governor that in the international arena, over the years, the CAG of India has been a frontrunner in strengthening the global public accountability framework. Garg felt that on this special day all staff members of CAG should rededicate themselves to the service of the nation to ensure that public audits serve as dependable aid for good governance, inclusive growth and sustainable development for the benefit of citizens of this country.