UST introduces AlphaAI

UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, has introduced UST AlphaAI, which consolidates the company’s comprehensive suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) services, solutions, and platforms. The introduction of UST AlphaAI strategically positions the company for further success in the dynamic AI landscape. It seamlessly combines UST’s technical expertise, domain knowledge, and real-world experience to provide its clients and partners with effortless access to UST’s full spectrum of transformative AI solutions, unlocking new business efficiencies and fostering sustainable transformation. UST AlphaAI enhances businesses’ agility and competitiveness, streamlining operations and accelerating their journey towards excellence. Drawing on a rich history of collaboration with distinguished AI researchers from top academic institutions such as the MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, UST has a reputation for expertise and excellence at the forefront of AI innovation. This unique blend of practical experience and academic expertise gives UST the flexibility needed to swiftly respond to emerging market demands.

With the introduction of UST AlphaAI, UST will further augment its capabilities by merging academic insights with real-world expertise. A leader in AI innovation, UST has successfully delivered over 100 AI implementations. Some of the successful implementations of UST AI solutions include a computer vision-based loss prevention solution for a major retailer that reduced checkout theft and increased the annual revenue per store by USD 50,000 – USD 70,000. An intelligent retrieval system utilizing natural language processing (NLP) and Deep Learning for a financial services company, increased marketing, and content creation team productivity by 85%. A generative AI-based code modernization initiative to increase developer productivity for a large CPG company which compressed software development timeline by 35% while improving code quality and test coverage. Operationalization of MLOps and LLMOps with AI guardrails for a UK-based financial institution, reducing their model development, deployment, and testing time by half. UST SmartOps and UST Sentry Vision AI are just two examples of how UST is exploiting the boundless potential of AI. UST SmartOps, an intelligent automation platform, leverages the power of Generative AI to provide intelligent document insight, seamless incident handling, and automated process creation.

UST Sentry Vision AI, a groundbreaking solution, seamlessly integrates with SAP S/4HANA to optimize operations, automate processes, and maintain quality for CPG and manufacturing clients. This intelligent, vision-based monitoring and process adherence tool minimizes operational waste and enhances digital enterprises. “UST is committed to sustained growth in this dynamic market segment, and our partnerships with leading AI research institutions ensure we remain at the forefront of innovation as well as the ability to continue applying these breakthroughs through pragmatic, real-world solutions,” said Manu Gopinath, Chief Operating Officer, UST. “UST AlphaAI accelerators will elevate our ability to respond to rapidly growing generative AI demands as we continue working to shape the emerging enterprise AI landscape,” said Dr. Adnan Masood, Chief AI Architect, UST. Numerous products, platforms and implementation accelerators offered by UST AlphaAI were showcased at UST’s recent annual global D3 conference and Expo held in India. The conference underscored UST’s commitment to pioneering generative AI and reaffirmed AI’s role as a transformative technology and an agent of growth.