Technology to Change the World: Dr. Camran Nezhat, the Pioneer in Laparoscopic Surgery

The Apeejay Stya Group organised the 9th Indian Obstetrics and Gynaecology (IOG) Dr. Stya Paul Awards on 18th December 2022. These prestigious awards were instituted to open new horizons pertaining to women’s holistic health and gynaecological care by recognising outstanding contributory articles published in the IOG Journal for Basic & Clinical Research. The august gathering included leading gynaecologists, industry stalwarts, bureaucrats, diplomats and noted academicians. The IOG Dr. Stya Paul Awards were thoughtfully initiated by the daughter and only child of legendary Dr. Stya Paul, Mrs. Sushma Paul Berlia. The IOG Journal is a leading peer-reviewed indexed medical journal with wide circulation in India and abroad.The highlight of the event was an illuminating oration lecture by Dr. Camran Nezhat, Clinical Professor of OBS & GYNAE, University of California – San Francisco School of Medicine. Dr. Nezhat addressed the audience on the topic ‘How to democratise and standardise surgeries with special reference to Minimal Invasive Gynaecology’. The presentation focused on “Minimal Invasive Gynaecology.” Dr. Camran Nezhat highlighted the importance of technology and innovation in surgery with special reference to gynaecological surgery. He dwelled on the fact that video-assisted surgery faced a lot of resistance in its initial days, when he persisted in taking it forward.

“Technology is going to change the world. If you believe in your idea, it is for a good cause and proof supports it, then even if it takes time, you would succeed,” he said.Mrs. Sushma Paul Berlia, Co-Promoter & President, Apeejay Stya and Svran Group, said, “How can surgery be standardised and as a result hopefully and gradually democratised is one of the most important questions. In the future, techniques of the best surgeons in each field will be combined to render standardised procedures for different pathologies, which will assure that the highest quality of care is available to all.” Mrs. Berlia also pointed out that the real reason for setting up the commemoration awards in the name of Dr. Stya Paul is to go beyond remembering his illustrious life by cherishing the values he stood for and to keep on taking them forward. She added that along with education, Dr. Stya Paul was always deeply involved in supporting healthcare issues and the welfare of women & children. Mr. Nishant Berlia, Co-Promoter, Apeejay Stya and Svran Group said, “Minimally invasive surgery has been such a blessing for patients and to a large extent it is due to the efforts of Dr. Camran Nezhat who has been called the father of modern-day surgery for inventing and pioneering video-assisted endoscopic surgery. His techniques have revolutionised minimally invasive surgery.”

Mr. Aditya Berlia, Co-Promoter, Apeejay Stya and Svran Group who delivered the vote of thanks expressed his gratitude to the august gathering of the medical fraternity. He said, “Dr. Nezhat is truly an inspiration who pushed for wonderful changes in surgery.” He also thanked the esteemed editorial board of the IOG Journal.The IOG Dr. Stya Paul Awards were instituted for the authors of Best Papers published in the IOG Journal under three categories: Best Case Report, Best Review Article and Best Original Study. There are several other recognitions that are bestowed including the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ and the ‘Distinguished Chair Award’. The IOG Journal was started in January 2011 as a new specialty publication designed for budding and established authors & researchers, in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, by giving them an exhaustive platform to publish their research. It is published by the Apeejay Stya Publishing Pvt. Ltd but is independent of the publishing house as far as the scientific contents are concerned. Apeejay Stya Group is one of India’s most respected business conglomerates and comprises diverse businesses with global footprints. The diversified Group’s business leadership is amply reflected in such sectors as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, real estate development and strategic investments, among others. It nurtures and manifests its social commitment through Apeejay Education which runs 26 educational institutions across the country and the Apeejay Stya University.