Stock Pro: A Training and Guiding Solution for all Stock Market traders and investors

Stock market doesn’t differentiate people with respect to their caste, colour, places where they come from or their educational background. The only differentiation stock market does is based on whether you are educated in the stock market or not. So rather than losing several thousands, several lakhs or crores in the market, the simple solution is to learn about the stock market. Stock market is a very dynamic place which keeps changing every single moment, So we have to re-innovating our research and keep updating, upgrading our methods for the ever-changing stock market.

The Stock Market is one of the biggest mind-game where the fight is between well educated, deep pocketed institutional investors and a lay trader/investor. It is a matter of clever investing which takes a lot of study, observation and analytics of the financial market and taking into consideration all the risk factors involved. A lay investor or trader might find himself making more losses than profits if he trades with half-knowledge. Keeping this in mind, Stock Pro provides refined online training courses from beginner to advanced level traders/investors.

Learn With Industry Leaders
Spearheaded by Dr. Seema Jain, Stock Pro is one of the fastest growing stock market training institutes in India. Stock Pro was established in 2016 with the vision to educate, guide and empower people to trade confidently and make consistent money in the stock market.

Dr. Seema Jain (PhD., IIT Delhi) is a SEBI – registered Research Analyst with more than 20 years of trading experience. She currently has a very active presence on social media and has published 2000+ research reports on stock markets and published around 1000+ educational videos about stock markets on YouTube. Precisely explaining the trading concept to a layman, Dr. Seema Jain says, “When I started the Institute in 2017, there were very few online institutes offering online stock market training. Understanding the need for this, I started the institute. To my surprise, there were many people looking for something like this and 50 people enrolled within 24 hours from across the world, including India for the first batch.”

“We have now completed almost 35 batches and trained and empowered around 4000+ people about stock markets, equipping them with the knowledge to trade independently on the stock market,” added Dr. Jain. “It is simple. When you are Right, hold your trades. When you are Wrong, exit fast,” added Dr. Jain.

To fulfil the goal of empowering interested individuals with in-depth and detailed knowledge of the stocks and their risk management, Stock Pro trains its students with Live Markets for a long-term so that they are accustomed to different scenarios in a constantly changing financial environment. Stock Pro provides analysis and techniques which are backed by powerful technology in the form of LIVE SCANNERS which compliment members in understanding the Stock Market and helps them in taking right decision. In other words, they train members to become part-time traders and full-time risk managers of their own money as the company believes that along with the profits, it’s equally important to protect one’s capital.

About Stock Pro
We are a bunch of experienced traders/investors who are expert trainers in the stock market. We trade and train in equities, futures, options, and commodities segments. We also trade and train in short-term breakouts, long-term investments, option selling, hedging, and scalping for very short duration. And there are very specific courses and methods for teaching in Nifty and BankNifty. We believe that dedicated six-months training and mentoring will enable our students to generate consistent income from the stock market lifelong. We will be using freely available resources and websites for creating accurate entries and exits. According to us, everybody and anybody who wants to make a passive income must enrol in this course. We also ensure that they earn good money while learning about the stock market. Our members are mentored with different stock market experts with minimum 6 months until they start finding their own conviction in trades.