Standalone In Vitro Fertilization Centre & Apollo

Apollo Fertility Center is one of the most sought-after destinations for fertility treatment in particular. The Apollo Group’s legacy of over 36 years of clinical excellence is remarkable. The Apollo Fertility Clinic is spread in five different locations in India. It is the finest choice for international patients as it comprises world-class facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and extensive expertise of most qualified infertility specialists to attend your medical needs, it ensures to restore the hope and happiness in your life.

We are equipped with the top-notch facilities exclusively to fulfill your needs concerned with infertility. From a medical standpoint, our services are most affordable and reliable. Integrating a variety of supportive therapies with innovative medical and surgical treatment approaches for ensuring the best outcomes is our primary goal. The assisted reproductive procedures which we offer include Intrauterine insemination (IUI), In vitro fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) that are superior. Apollo Fertility is also here to support you through the process of sperm or egg donations, and surrogacy.

Apollo Fertility, a part of the Apollo Health & Lifestyle and Apollo Hospitals group, announced its expansion into Northern India with the establishment of its first, state-of-the-art standalone fertility centre in Noida bringing a ray of hope to couples who are unable to conceive naturally. Spread across 6500 Sq. ft, the standalone fertility and IVF centre is equipped with a state-of-the-art CLASS 100 lab with separate AHU and HEPA filters, laminar air flow embellished with advanced and modern technology. Located in the heart of the city of Noida, in sector 18, this centre is Apollo Fertility’s 14th unit of the brand.

Why Apollo Fertility for International Patients?
Fertility often creates one of the most distressing life crisis that infertile couples has ever experienced together. As we care for you, we offer you the outstanding care and positive outcomes. Apollo fertility have set standards of practices & ethics that enables for ease in your treatment with language being no barrier whatsoever. We invite you to learn more about how to combine your fertility treatment at Apollo Fertility Center with an enjoyable stay. In a nutshell, Apollo Fertility can be the good destination for international couples facing infertility.

Apollo Fertility centres, following the mission of Apollo Hospitals, aim to bring fertility treatment of international standards within the reach of every individual, providing the most affordable and accessible services to all. This centre will have facilities that cater to all sorts of infertility related issues ranging from diagnostics, USG, IUI, IVF, ICSI, Assisted laser hatching, Blastocyst culture, Embryo glue, PGS, PGD, Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopy surgeries, to offer a gamut of services under one roof. The highly trained and experienced team of doctors, who are experts on Reproductive Medicine with one of the best profiles and experience in the country, will be perfectly equipped to address both male and female infertility issues.

Over the past few years, infertility has emerged as one of the most common health issues among many young couples. Sedentary lifestyle, pollution, stress, irregular sleep patterns, diabetes, obesity, smoking and alcohol are but a few of the reasons for the rise in infertility in India. According to The Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, infertility currently affects about 10 to 14 percent of the Indian population, with higher rates in urban areas where one out of six couples is impacted.

Speaking on the launch, Mr Chandrasekhar C, CEO, Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited, said, “We are extremely happy and proud to launch our first standalone fertility centre in the entire Northern India in Noida(NCR). Indiahas become the most sought after destination for all the infertility-related treatments, for the affordable and qualitative treatment that the country is able to provide. With a wide range of services being offered under one roof, our state-of-the-art centre will be a boon to many parents living in and around Noida(NCR), who are trying to conceive and can now avail our world-class services. Apollo is one of the most trusted healthcare brand in Northern India, and we hope our fertility services will address an essential gap in quality Infertility treatment in the region.” Apollo Fertility, with its presence in 8 cities across India, plans to rapidly expand its footprint across other parts of the country, with its evidence-based approach towards reproductive medicine.

About Apollo Fertility
Welcome to Apollo Fertility. We consider the emotional well-being of our patients to be as important as the clinical standards that we deliver. Born with the belief that childbirth is a celebration and not a disease, at Apollo Fertility, we understand the toll that difficulty in conception can take on you. Which is why our team of Specialists in Reproductive Medicine, Embryologists, Andrologists, Ultrasonologists and Counsellors double up as your guides and confidantes on this journey.
At Apollo Fertility, our team of fertility experts provide treatment that is planned and based on your specific situation and need. Our focus is on providing care that is accessible. We understand that couples need to feel comfortable, and we take the time to develop a rapport with them. An understanding of the underlying problem is very important in deciding the course of treatment. This, along with state-of-the-art technology and our clinical protocols ensures our high success rates. With Fourteen centres across India and growing, our team of specialists facilitate your pregnancy through a holistic approach delivered at a location convenient to you. To know more, please log on to