Skrap certifies Godrej LAffaire 2024 as a zero waste to landfill event

Godrej L’Affaire, a curated experiential luxury lifestyle platform by Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies today released the waste audit report for its recently concluded sixth edition. The waste of the event was managed and audited by Skrap, an environment sustainability firm that helps businesses and brands adopt sustainable practices and zero waste solutions.For an event witnessing participation from more than 1,500 people, some of the commonly generated wastes are – biodegradable, food, and the ones pertaining to experiential zones. Hence, since inception, Godrej L’Affaire continues to be socially conscious event. With 94.8% of the waste amounting to 1,843.2 kgs generated between March 28 to 30, 2024 diverted away from the landfills, and balance sent for co-processing or incineration and with reject waste handed over to the municipality, Godrej L’Affaire 2024 turned out to be zero waste to landfill event. Commenting on the findings, Tanya Dubash, Executive Director & Chief Brand Officer, Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies, said, “At Godrej, integrating sustainable practices into all our endeavours is paramount. Godrej L’Affaire’s waste management efforts is in sync with the same, and we look forward to pushing the boundaries of responsible event experiences.” The report further stated that approximately 2,697 kgs of Carbon emissions were saved from entering the atmosphere due to responsible management of waste. To visualize the impact – it would take 44.6 tree seedlings 10 years to capture equivalent amount of Carbon from the atmosphere. Breaking down the total wastes, the biodegradable waste generated at the event comprised mostly food scraps, compostable plates, coconuts, decorative flowers and compostable cutlery. In total, 859 kgs of this material was sorted, weighed and sent to a local composting facility. This breakdown is as follows: food scraps – 48.9%, compostable plates – 36.0%, coconuts – 6.1%, decor flowers – 5.8% and compostable cutlery – 3.2%.The largest category of recyclable waste collected was paper products, with cardboard making up 13.4% (117.7 kgs) and assorted paper at 11.7% (103.1 kgs).

Plastic bottles followed closely at 8.4% (73.8 kgs), with plastic packaging coming in at 5.7% (49.8 kgs) and assorted plastic at 8.0% (70.3 kgs). Glass bottles accounted for 29.4% (259.1 kgs) of the recyclable materials collected, the highest percentage of any single item. Aluminium cans made up a small portion of the recyclables at 1.8% (16 kgs). Tetra Pak cartons also represented a small portion of the recyclables collected, at 0.8% (7 kgs). The eco-conscious approach included using reusable items like garbage bags, significantly reducing single-use plastics. Biodegradable waste found a new life through composting, further minimizing their environmental footprint. On-stage announcements played a key role as well, keeping attendees informed and engaged in the waste management process. Commenting on the audit, Divya Ravichandran, Founder & CEO of Skrap, said, “We are thrilled to have supported Godrej L’Affaire implement waste management and waste reduction measures. We helped the event divert around 95% of the waste generated away from the landfills. We hope more events take note and aim to go zero waste to landfill.”

For the soirée this year, HSBC India was the presenting partner. The other experience partners were MyGlamm, Freedom Tree, Cinthol, Godrej Magic, Goodknight, HIT, Godrej Expert, Godrej Professional, Park Avenue Perfumes, Kama Sutra, Godrej Combine, Godrej Rashinban, Godrej Oil Palm (Samadhan), Godrej aer, The Woman’s Company, Godrej Capital and Godrej Properties.Godrej Jersey, dubai Energy Drink and Cancro were the Hydration Partners while Aspri Spirits was the pouring partner. The Gourmet Partners were Godrej Yummiez, Baskin Robbins, Godrej Real Good Chicken, SMOOR, Elior, Thaiji Gold, Bombay Island, Ishaara and Eight. Carlsberg Smooth Soda was the Celebration Partner for Godrej L’Affaire 2024. Taj The Trees was the Hospitality Partner; Uber India was the Exclusive Mobility Partner and Skrap was the Zero Waste Partner.

The Bartender was the Entertainment Partner for the evening and the Communication Partners were Communicate India, Agency09, MSL, Mondial Communications. The Outreach Partners were Monk-E, Shilpa Chawla, Urban Eye, Woodpecker Media, 11 Eleven Communications, Sara Khan, Smalltown Dreams Entertainment. Sparkle Gift Card was the Goodness Partner for the soirée while &media was the Content Partner. With Woot Luxe being the Event Partner, 94.3 Radio One was the Radio Partner and Bright Outdoor Media Ltd was the OOH Partner for Godrej L’Affaire 2024. Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies prioritizes environmental responsibility. In line with this commitment, the brand is committed to adopting sustainable practices at all levels, including events. About Godrej L’AffaireGodrej L’Affaire was founded to celebrate the goodness of life every day, and to help India live better. It’s a unifier that bonds consumers, content creators, leading brands, and the world of Godrej effortlessly. And together, it redefines the future of lifestyle, beauty, travel, wellness, fashion, and food. Each piece engaging, every theme contextual, every take unique, the platform connects the roots of India to modern living flawlessly. “Conversations. Communities. Collaboration.” A simple mantra that makes Godrej L’Affaire unique, entertaining, and resourceful. Where people from all walks of life, diverse backgrounds, and different regions share the latest trends through interactive, entertaining, and inspiring interviews, features and portraits, discoveries, trends, stories, and performances. And take away ways to make the most of their lives. With Godrej L’Affaire by your side, you’ll always be in the know of the ever-evolving landscape of lifestyle. Come, hop in to live it up.