Single-Use Plastic Ban Turns the Spotlight on, India’s Largest Zero-Plastic Store

Recently the single-use plastic ban announced a year ago in India officially came into effect. A blessing in plain sight, the injunction prohibits the use of plastics disposed after a single use, such as earbuds, plastic forks, spoons, cups, packing on cigarettes, sweet boxes, candy and ice-cream sticks. Single-use plastic carry bags are also part of the list, having been banned a year ago. While the ban comes as great news for our country and the environment at large, a lot of citizens struggle to find plastic alternatives that are durable and light on the pocket. That’s where steps in. is India’s largest zero-plastic store, with a curation of over 6,500 products sourced from over 180 sellers for gifting and everyday essentials. Every product is 100% plastic-free, chemical-free, cruelty-free and made by local artisans across the country. With a mission to eradicate plastic pollution in India by 2030, ensures that there is absolutely zero plastic in every order, right from product manufacture to packaging to disposal. The best way to solve a problem, after all, is to nip it in the bud. “One of the reasons I co-founded with full focus on selling zero-plastic and sustainable products is to make the earth a happier and healthier planet. And we can’t do that with plastic lying around,” says Hemal Gathani, co-founder of Loopify.

Since Loopify’s inception in July 2020, the team has sold 1,26,797 zero-plastic products, prevented 31,699 kilograms of plastic from choking our landfills, rivers and oceans, and prevented 8,453 tons of carbon emissions. And with the single-use plastic ban in full force, they’re just getting started! An airtight approval process for potential sellers ensures that every product is plastic-free, ethically produced and aesthetically appealing. Intensive research, data collection and number crunching combine to deliver the proprietary Loopify Sustainability Index – a calculation of how much less plastic pollution and carbon emissions a Loopify product causes in comparison to plastic products. “The versatility of plastic has allowed it to make its way into almost every aspect of our life from packaging to life saving medical equipment. So plastic by itself is not the problem, it’s our indiscriminate use of this material that’s causing havoc to our environment. There are many situations in our life where plastic is not a critical component and can be easily replaced with an earth-friendly material,” says Saurabh Gupta, co-founder of, about the plastic pandemic. “Loopify’s purpose is to give people the platform to make that alternative choice.”

At Loopify, customers will find a range of plastic alternatives to ensure a smooth, healthy transition to a plastic-free India. From the conventional wood and metal, to the kind-of-unconventional bamboo, coconut and cork, to the absolutely unconventional Desserto and Pinatex – Loopify’s unique products serve a dual purpose. They’re great for an individual hoping to making an easy switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, and they make for quirky, zero-plastic gifts! In fact, Loopify offers a curation of 100% plastic-free premium hampers for retail and corporate gifting across a range of themes and product categories. From baby showers to birthdays, employee joining to employee appreciation, Diwali to Christmas and everything in between… there’s a gift hamper for every occasion and everyone. Some of Loopify’s corporate clientele includes Google, Conde Nast, Amazon, Swiggy, Zoom, TATA Health, Oracle, Cognizant, Bosch, Berger Paint, Chargebee and ZEUX Innovation among others. “In just two years, Loopify has emerged as India’s largest plastic-free store,” says Saurabh of Loopify’s commendable progress. “The incredible support we have received from our partners and customers leaves me with no doubt that we are well on our way to fulfilling our mission of eradicating plastic pollution from India by 2030.”