Philips Smart Meeting Series Video Conferencing and Audio-Conferencing Products in India

Don’t just conduct meetings – conduct smart meetings. Ceeco announced today the Launch of Philips Smart Meeting Series Video Conferencing & Audio-Conferencing products with never-before features in India. Speech Processing Solutions (SPS) is an international technology company and a global leader in dictation solutions. More than four million users worldwide work with speech-to-text solutions developed by SPS and sold under the Philips brand. Solutions include Smart Meeting Series products like video-conferencing & audio-conferencing devices, workflow and speech recognition software, as well as hardware products. These smart solutions save users’ time and allow them to focus on their core tasks, making their business more efficient, customer-centric and profitable. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, SPS has regional offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium and Austria, as well as a network of more than 1000 distribution and implementation partners worldwide.

To browse all SPS products and solutions, visit abreast with innovations, few selected models in the Smart Meeting Series are compatible with SEMBLY Meeting Assistant. This is an exciting AI technology helping customers by creating automated meeting minutes and insights. The motto of Sembly is “Focus on your meeting, we take care of the rest”.“We are pleased to say, that the cooperation with Sembly AI gives us new market opportunities by offering the best of both worlds. We provide best-in-class conference microphones and pair them up with a smart meeting assistant solution, which creates an automatic transcript, summary, and action list of every meeting. Our unique solutions help busy professionals save time and conduct meetings more efficiently than ever before,” explains Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions.“We are especially excited about the complementary nature and synergy between our two teams which is expected to boost both of our companies’ top and bottom lines. The Philips products seamlessly integrate with the included Sembly SaaS to provide more value to our end customers,” continues Gil Makleff, CEO and Co-founder of Sembly AI. A cross-platform breakthrough“No matter if you are working with Zoom, Google Meet, Teams or Webex, our smart meeting assistant joins your meetings as an attendant and does the note-taking for you,” adds Artem Koren, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Sembly AI.

Users can easily forward the meeting summaries, for example to colleagues who happened to have missed the meeting.Michael Weis (Director-Business Development Global Retail) SPS says, “Very honored and grateful that Philips Smart Meeting Series has entered the Indian market with the efforts of CEECO. Philips Smart Meeting Series products are committed to breaking the geographical and physical space constraints, saving the cost of business travel for enterprises and their employees, improving the efficiency of meetings, and presenting clear voice and image information for school teachers and students. We believe that Philips Smart Meeting Series will bring you a good experience in work, study and even life!”Ceeco announced today the launch of Philips range of Smart Meeting series products in the Indian market.

The range of products will include a comprehensive range of Philips Video-Conferencing & Audio-Conferencing products like Fixed and PTZ VC cameras, All in One Video-conferencing & Audio-conferencing solutions, Speakerphones, etc. targeted towards institutional customers in corporate, government, education and other similar segments.To browse Philips Smart Meeting series products and solutions, visit Bhasin (Managing Director) Ceeco remarked on the Philips Smart Meeting Series launch: “We are very excited to introduce this innovative product range in India and other regional markets mentioned above. Philips quality and brand name presents a strong and viable option to video conferencing and audio-conferencing users, customers and trade partners alike. Philips Smart Meeting devices have been designed keeping user convenience in mind and their collaboration with Sembly Meeting Assistant puts them ahead of the pack by a distance. We are confident that customers will place their trust in Philips brand.”