Manipal Hospital & Pune Traffic Police Collaborate to Train 1000 Traffic Policemen

Manipal Hospital, Pune in collaboration with Pune Traffic Police launched a joint initiative to train 1,000 traffic policemen in Pune in Basic Life Support Skills. The city has more than 23 accidental black spots and witnessed 638 accidents in the first half of 2023, of which 192 were fatal with 202 fatalities. This initiative aims to improve the overall emergency response in Pune by training traffic police, who are the first respondents at the scene of an accident or an emergency. During this event, the Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police also unveiled the state-of-the-art cardiac ambulances by Manipal Hospitals.

These ambulances by Manipal Hospitals, Kharadi, and Baner are equipped with specialized cardiac care equipment, manned by trained staff and emergency medicine experts and will play a critical role in providing safe and efficient emergency medical assistance to those in need at the right time. These ambulances will run within the 10-kilometer radius of the hospital and will be stationed at the accident-prone areas in the city. Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police, Mr. Vijaykumar Magar, said, “This BLS training is a significant step towards making people more prepared for handling emergency situations. With this collaboration, Pune traffic police stands stronger and more confident in helping the residents of the city, especially when someone on the road suffers a trauma during a road accident.

We believe this initiative will bring about a change in emergency response. We are grateful to Manipal Hospital, Pune for taking up this initiative to help us be better prepared in an emergency while also serving society, he added. Adding to the importance of life-saving skills, Mr Parameswar Das Hospital Director, Manipal Hospital, Kharadi, said, “By collaborating with the Pune Traffic Police, we aim to train a substantial number of people with Basic Life Support and give hands-on sessions to acquire practical skills. At Manipal hospital, Pune annually we treat 5000+ cardiac cases and as a part of our commitment to improve cardiac emergency response we have launched of our Cardiac ambulance service.” This collaboration between Manipal Hospitals and the Pune Traffic Police is a shared commitment to empower the community. This will enhance the medical emergency response and ensure that timely medical care is within immediate reach for all, making Pune more safe and secure.