Hiring Spree set to expand its Workforce by 300

Asia’s largest B2B managed marketplace for digital services, Expand My Business is set to ramp up its operations not just nationally but worldwide and will be increasing the strength of the company 3X. The ongoing hiring is focused on increasing the platform’s capacity to cater to unprecedented surge in IT demands in India and overseas alike. Sources have reported that the firm has already started setting up offices abroad and is working towards expansion in the MENA region and even the US seems to be on the cards. Expand My Business is a VC-funded startup, currently serving two primary verticals: IT Development including Deep-tech and Digital Marketing. The hiring is concentrated on further expanding and optimising Project Delivery, Technology, Marketing and Sales to enhance existing operations and capacity. The firm is also planning to hire for C-suite leaders and senior-level talent in India, and are already in talks with seasoned leaders from other fast-growing startups.

“We’ve achieved exponential growth in the last 5 quarters,” said Nishant Behl, Founder and CEO of Expand My Business. “We now want to emerge as industry leaders and help other businesses experience the same exponential growth,” he added, emphasising on the team’s vision of digitally empowering upcoming startups and businesses. With the efforts EMB is putting in hiring, the total team size is expected to reach over 400 in a matter of just 3 months. Furthermore, they are focused on creating new opportunities at this crucial stage to optimise their services as per the growing trends in the IT and digital market.