FIFI: Nurturing Trade Amidst the Grandeur of World Food India 2023

IndiaIndia is making headlines again and for good reasons – the second edition of the ‘World Food India’ commenced on November 3rd, 2023, in New Delhi and successfully concluded on November 5th, 2023. The event was organized by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India, as an international exhibition that brings together key stakeholders from the food and agriculture sectors, including producers, processors, traders, and innovators.The program successfully showcased India’s strengths in food production and processing and attracted investment and collaborations in the food sector. The event was also able to garner global attraction from countries like the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, and many others.The show also saw participation from a number of industry associations like the Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI), an association that plays an important role in enhancing India’s bilateral food trade, and the World Food India 2023 show was an organic fit into FIFI’s core goals.

FIFI, as an apex chamber aims to ensure food safety and quality standards are met, while also supporting the growth of India’s food industry. Moreover, FIFI members also contribute towards a number of Government of India initiatives like Make in India, Skill Development, Eat Right, Drink Responsible, etc. A number of FIFI members like Duggar Overseas, Jivo Wellness, BMS enterprises, Big Basket, Urban Platter, and others that reflect upon Make in India story participated at the grand event and gained noticeable brand awareness from the visitors.The participation at the show by FIFI members emphasized upon emphasized the growth and development of the food processing industry in India, focusing on areas such as food production, food packaging, logistics, and infrastructure, reaffirming the contribution of bilateral trade towards the Indian economy.Upon being asked Mr. Pankaj Singhal Founder Director of FIFI and a prominent dairy sector player stated, “FIFI, as an association, plays a pivotal role in enhancing India’s global food trade. It represents the interests of food businesses, advances collaboration, and advocates for a conducive regulatory environment to promote the import of high-quality food products. The participation of FIFI at World Food India is a testament to our commitment to cultivating a thriving food trade ecosystem in India.” Furthermore, FIFI also hosted a delegation of 15 Brazilian companies visiting India on the sidelines of WFO 2023. This visit of the Brazilian delegation marks a significant step in enhancing cooperation and trade opportunities between these nations and underscores FIFI’s continued role in fostering trade relationships. It also emphasizes the importance of exploring mutual benefits in the fields of agriculture, food, and beverage sectors.

This interaction was an enlightening exchange of ideas, insights, and collaboration opportunities. Talking about varied sectors of interest from meat, pork, poultry, fresh fruits like apples and citrus, processed food items like fruit juice, and several others. FIFI Founder Directors Mr. Pankaj Singhal, Mr. Rakesh Banga, and Mr. Amit Lohani educated the international visitors about the latest trends shaping the Indian food market and also discussed the regulatory update for importing a fully compliant product into the Indian economy. Mr. Amit Lohani, Founder Dictor FIFI, upon being asked about the visit of delegates from Brazil was quoted saying, “This visit serves as a testament to our commitment to broadening stronger trade relationships and sharing knowledge between Brazil and India in the agriculture, food, and beverage sectors. We believe that this partnership holds immense potential for both nations.” He was further quoted saying, “FIFI is committed to ensuring that Indian consumers have access to a wide range of safe, high-quality food products from around the world. We look forward to engaging with industry stakeholders and contributing to the growth of the food import sector.”