Edutech Platform FinGrad Aims to Revolutionize the Indian Financial Learning Ecosystem

Massive expansion in the ed-tech industry has given rise to a plethora of online learning platforms in the last few years. People today have a number of platforms to educate themselves online. While there are many platforms that provide a variety of academic courses, it is safe to state that platforms that provide in-depth financial knowledge and specialty in a particular capital market domain are limited. To solve this problem, Bangalore-based fintech platform, Trade Brains, launched its learning platform, FinGrad. It is a one-stop destination to learn all the financial instruments. FinGrad intends to improve financial literacy and make investing more widespread in India. They are committed to reaching out to people from various language origins by using a multilingual strategy. FinGrad exclusively focuses on offering financial courses and webinars on topics such as Stock market trading, Mutual Fund investing, Stock Valuation, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Personal Finance, and more.

In partnership with over 30 competent industry experts and professionals, FinGrad has launched over 50 accredited courses and webinars as of June 2022. After providing 3 months of free access to its valuable content, FinGrad has now transitioned to a subscription model where the users can access all the courses and webinars by purchasing a quarterly or yearly subscription. The model also comes with a 3-day free trial period. FinGrad also holds multiple live sessions on social media and has partnered with several financial influencers in their cause to promote financial literacy.

“We received a high engaging response for FinGrad throughout the opening months,” stated Kritesh Abhishek, Founder, and CEO of Trade Brains and FinGrad. He added, “We are continually updating our content, and we feel that a subscription model would benefit our users by allowing them to access a variety of financial subject matters that will enhance their overall financial knowledge. We take a clear approach, focusing solely on educating and preparing our users for the world of finance.” FinGrad has gotten a lot of attention since its inception in April 2022. On the mission to enhance Indians’ financial proficiency, FinGrad is intending to accommodate over two hundred courses by the end of 2022 and have a breakthrough of reaching over 10 million financial aspirants in the next three years.