Digital world took over, laboratories shut down: Ketan Anand

Bollywood Director Ketan Anand on Thursday underlined the transformation in the restoration technology and process of films. saying when the digital world took over, laboratories shut down, The director underscored how Haqeeqat, directed and produced by his father Chetan Anand in 1964, was set against the premise of Sino-Indian War of 1962. Addressing a press conference at the 54TH IFFI here in Goa, Anand recollected how the movie captured the human side of the war and soldiers’ endurance against all the odds, an official release said. He further added that his father’s work was not tampered and kept intact and its coloured version was screened at the film fest. “No one can take black and white away but the coloured version is for younger generation, to make it attractive for them,” said the Director. Anand also announced the making of a film, Haqeeqat 2 and a web series celebrating the legendary Dev Anand, next year.

“Due to lack of payment we lost many prints of the films”, said Vaibhav Anand, son of noted film maker Vijay Anand and nephew of Chetan Anand. He highlighted the need for preserving the print versions while explaining how it is a painstaking monetary process. He further added, “It is good to preserve print but moving to digital is better” emphasising the increasing role of digital technology. He acknowledged the changing tastes in cinema, emphasising the need for collective preservation of timeless classics. To create more awareness about the old classic films, Vaibhav expressed his wish for conducting more festivals like IFFI. He highlighted how this will also provide a platform to the artists from the interiors and remote parts of the country, having limited resources and connect, to showcase their talent and get a chance in the film industry based on their passion and hard work.