CitizenChat Proves Itself Once Again; Crosses 1 Mln Users

The app has grown stratospherically over the time and recently crossed a whooping 1 million user downloads and the number is set to constantly increase even further. Thrilled with the tremendous performance of the app, Malli Matla, COO, CitizenChat, says, “It is exciting and immensely motivating to see the love and acceptance the app is getting from the users. Our team has done a phenomenal task of building this robust platform for users and is tirelessly working to provide users with added value in the app constantly so the users know we are not stopping here.”

Bringing People Together
The app has become the go-to instant messaging platform among users due to its robust features and user-friendly interface. Inspired by the cultural and linguistic diversity of India, the makers of the app envisioned to provide users with a messaging platform where people can connect with their kith and kin without having to deal with the language barrier. CitizenChat is an Indian app and takes care of the needs of its Indian users. Malli Matla, COO, CitizenChat, says, “The most exciting part of this app is, it is launched in India, a place where there is a perfect amalgamation of different languages, cultures and ethnicity itself.” The app has definitely hit a cord with Indian users with its motto of connecting people globally, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, sex and geographical location. Hence, they decided to give the app its one of a kind live translation feature which can translate text in over a hundred languages. This enables the sender to type in any language of his preference and the recipient can read the message in a language of his choice.

User Privacy
Safeguarding the data and information of users is of utmost importance in the CitizenChat app. In wake of the recent security concerns sparked globally and serious privacy concerns arising across social media platforms and other popular apps, CitizenChat came as a fresh respite from all this stress for the users. The organization gives utmost importance to user data privacy and integrity. The app strictly adheres to the Information Technology laws and aims to further make the platform safer and strong for users by 2022.

Together We Grow Stronger
The core philosophy of the organization is ‘Together we grow stronger’. The app focuses on enhanced community development and has several features that make it stand out from other instant messaging apps. Some of these features are: The user-friendly UX and UI designs of the app. Duel Mode feature: With the help of this feature, users can share their opinion on burning issues, add music to videos, participate in several challenges and react to videos that others have uploaded. Users can use CitizenChat app not only for entertainment but also for business networking. It facilitates the user with the option of creating and uploading a unique business card and uploading his resume. This business profile can be shared with prospective employers if they have a relevant job offer. For people looking to take advantage of the ever rising social media wave, CitizenChat brings the feature of creating and showcasing videos.

For this, users can make use of several innovative editing tools to make the video more interesting and visually appealing. The Hashtag page: All the trending hashtags are displayed on the hashtag page. Users have the freedom of following the hashtag of their choice and enjoying amazing posts. Users can also create a hashtag for their own post. Managing connections: A user’s friend list is displayed on the Connections page. Users can view a pending connection request and choose to accept or deny it. The connections they do not use frequently get archived here. Users can conduct audio and video calls and create groups with group admis to keep the functioning smooth. CC Projects feature: In this unique feature, ideas can be invited and people can come together to work on these ideas. CC Courses: The app not only aids in messaging, it also helps users in their personal and professional development through a choice of several courses that one can pursue in the app.

Digital Marketing Platform
The app has been a flagbearer of the government’s dream of an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. Being an Indian app, it understands the need and sentiment of Indian users which has become even more critical in wake of the pandemic. Creating a platform to bring together prospective employers and employees is one important aspect of this. CitizenChat contributes to the ‘Make In India’ movement by the government in its own unique way. Understanding the importance of a digital platform for marketing in these times, the app openly supports and fosters digital marketing. For the same, it allows companies to offer discount coupons and referrals to attract customers. The companies can also create a unique business card and add product description under it to give a better understanding to the customers.

Safety: The Call Of The Hour
CitizenChat clearly understands the importance of safety of its users. Thus, it comes with several such features which allow the user to decide the level of exposure of his profile, be it personal or professional. It is at the user’s discretion to decide with whom they wish to share their information, photos, videos, resume and other content. They can also create groups to closely communicate with people of similar background or vision. This helps the users to filter and keep a safe distance from unnecessary trouble and associate with like-minded people.

Expanding Horizons
The app has shown commendable growth over the years and is becoming increasingly popular among users. This trend is not going to slow down any time soon and users can expect the innovation in several features such as user safety, user interface, etc. With every passing day, CitizenChat aims to reach more and more people and bring the world closer digitally.

About CitizenChat
CitizenChat brings you a whole new experience of connecting with friends. Our aim is to create a bridge between people by erasing the physical boundaries of the world. You can now interact not just with your friends, but also with people situated across any place, directly from your mobile device. Expand your world of possibilities, connect with different people, use our translator, post your projects or ideas, find your job or business. Not just these, our CitizenChat is loaded with many other exciting features that we want you to experience and share to your friends.