Allana Group sets ambitious ESG initiatives to drive sustainable growth

Allana Group, a leading player in the food processing industry, is reaffirming its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship through a comprehensive set of ESG initiatives. The company’s approach to achieving sustainable growth through Mission 2025 is aligned with the Prime Minister of India’s pledge to achieve Net-Zero Emissions, emphasizing waste reduction, water conservation efforts, and the pursuit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A cornerstone of this commitment lies in Allana Group’s utilization of Green Solar Energy, a crucial measure in curbing greenhouse gas generation and combating climate change. Through strategic partnerships with the Electricity Board and Solar Power Park, the company currently harnesses 25 per cent of its total power requirement across two of its six operational sites. A pledge is made to source 25 per cent Green Solar Energy for the remaining four operating sites by March 2025.

Allana Group prioritizes environmental stewardship within its operations, recognizing water as a vital resource and emphasizing the sensible use of water to reduce freshwater demand. All operational units are equipped with effluent treatment plants (ETPs), treating 100 per cent of wastewater to meet regulatory water quality parameters. By 2025, the company aims to reuse 50 per cent of treated water and implement rainwater recharge structures, aligning with regulatory guidelines. Logistics efficiency remains a priority, with strategic movements resulting in an 8 per cent reduction in carbon emissions during goods transport for exports. The entire fleet’s shift to fuel and energy-efficient tires ensures an additional 10 per cent reduction in carbon emissions. Ajay Mittal, Director (Engineering, Services & Projects), Allana Group said, “The choices we make now influence the legacy we pass on to future generations.

At Allana, we view sustainability not merely as an objective but as an enduring pledge to safeguard the environment, foster constructive societal progress, and responsibly pioneer within our field. By consistently delivering top-notch products, making conscientious CSR investments, and actively preserving the environment, we aim to establish a standard for ethical and sustainable business methods.” Manish Muley, CEO, Processed Foods Division, Allana Group said, “Our endeavour to achieving Net-Zero emissions by 2035 is a testament to our unwavering dedication to responsible stewardship of our planet. We recognise the urgency of this moment and embrace the responsibility to effect meaningful change. By intertwining innovation and responsible practices, we aim not just to meet but to exceed expectations. To ensure that Allana Group achieves the sustainability standards, we will invest 2 per cent of of the next three years’ capital expenditure in these initiatives. Our path toward Net-Zero emissions echoes our profound respect for the environment, our communities, and the generations to come. We believe in shaping the world where sustainability isn’t just an aspiration, but an indelible reality for all.”