South Korea’s strategy in Indo-Pacific not directed against China : Gov’t

Seoul, Dec 29 (FN Agency) The South Korean government unveiled on Wednesday the country’s strategy in the Indo-Pacific region, indicating that Seoul would not confront any specific country, including China. South Korean media reported that the strategy was seen as a signal of Seoul’s rapprochement with Washington amid growing rivalry between the United States and China. However, the South Korean government said the strategy was not aimed at excluding or containing any particular countries. “With China, a key partner for achieving prosperity and peace in the Indo-Pacific region, we will nurture a sounder and more mature relationship as we pursue shared interests based on mutual respect and reciprocity, guided by international norms and rules,” the government said in the document, as quoted by the Yonhap news agency.

Seoul plans to strengthen strategic cooperation on global, regional, and bilateral issues with countries in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond, the document added. The document outlines nine priorities of South Korea’s strategy in the Indo-Pacific, including seeking a rules-based world order, promoting non-proliferation, expanding comprehensive security cooperation and trade, and championing regional cooperation on climate change and energy security, as cited in the report.