Kremlin on Biden’s claim of ‘Crimea annexation’: Crimea Legally Rejoined Russia

Moscow, Mar 1 (Agency) Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on Monday on US President Joe Biden’s recent statement that the US will never recognize Russia’s “annexation” of Crimea: he stressed that the region was not annexed but rejoined Russia through a legitimate procedure. “You know, it is indeed impossible to recognize the annexation of Crimea. No one says anything about the annexation of Crimea, as there was no annexation at all. Crimea rejoined Russia, and it happened it quite a strict compliance with all the international legal norms,” Peskov told reporters, when asked if Russia is ready to cooperate with Washington after this statement.

“There was no annexation, there is no need to recognize it. It is just necessary to acknowledge that Crimea rejoined Russia and that Crimea has quite long been a region of the Russian Federation, thanks God,” the Kremlin spokesman continued. Biden has not raised the issue of Crimea in his recent contacts with Russia, Peskov added. Crimea rejoined Russia in 2014, after nearly 97 percent of voters supported the move in a referendum.