Everyone wants to end conflict in Gaza Strip : Blinken

Washington, Nov 8 (FN Bureau) Everyone wants to end the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip as soon as possible, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Wednesday. “All of us want to end this conflict [in the Gaza Strip] as soon as possible and meanwhile to minimize civilian suffering,” Blinken told a press conference after the G7 foreign ministers meeting.

The only way to avoid the repeat of the crisis is to ensure conditions for lasting peace, including prohibition of forced displacement of people in the Gaza Strip and occupation, the US secretary of state also said, adding that the US advocates for Gaza to be under the Palestinian control and united with the West Bank. Blinken also stated that he was informed by Israeli officials that the country does not intend to occupy the Gaza Strip again. “There can’t be a return to status quo before [Palestinian movement Hamas’ attack on Israel on] October 7,” Blinken said.