Delhi court issues summons against filmmaker Leena Manimekalai

New Delhi, July 11 (Agency) A Delhi court issued summoned against filmmaker Leena Manimekalai on a suit seeking injunction against movie “Kaali” which allegedly depicted Hindu goddess in an uncalled way in its posters. Petitioner Raj Gaurav filed a suit before the court seeking an interim injunction to restrain Manimekalai from depicting goddesses in the way they have been depicted in the poster, video and the tweet. Counsel for petitioner submitted that the poster of the film depicting Hindu Goddess Kali smoking cigarette not only hurts the religious sentiments of common Hindu but it is also against basics of morality and decency.

The petitioner sought a permanent and mandatory injunction against the filmmaker by alleging that the accused depicted the Hindu goddess in a very uncalled way in the poster and promo video of their upcoming movie Kaali. Civil Judge Abhishek Kumar after hearing the Counsel for Petitioner issued summon against Manimekalai and directed her to appear before the court on August 6. The court said that defendant needed to be heard before passing any order.