State Economic Advisory Council Report presented before Cabinet, 341 Recommendations for $1 Trillion Economy

Mumbai, Nov 18 (Agency) The council has made various 341 recommendations for the state to achieve the target of 1 trillion dollar economy. The report of the State Economic Advisory Council was presented to the State Cabinet on Friday. Achieving 17 percent GDP (Growth Rate) of the state, 18 percent growth by accelerating production of fab and electric vehicles, 13 percent growth in the agriculture sector, and getting more funds from NABARD and others to speed up the completion of irrigation projects in the state, more than 40 percent irrigation projects were completed.

Fast completion of projects, implementation of large-scale infrastructure and economic development activities in Mumbai and the MMR area, creation of 15 million jobs by 2028 in skill development and development of this sector by making important and necessary changes in the health, tourism, and energy sectors, and balanced development of districts. Special attention has been given to 27 talukas in 15 districts, the strengthening of farmer-producer organizations, and an increase in cold storage.