Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems adopts shop-in-shop model to revolutionize its retail presence

Panaji, Dec 6 (Agency) Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems, a company that focuses on integrative and preventive medicine, disease and coaching has recently joined forces with conscious lifestyle store Saukhyamby adopting the shop-in-shop concept into their business model. With its retail presence in Goa, Saukhyam has established a holistic and wellness product line that connects farmers and vendors across the country. The collaboration aims to showcase a part of Luke’s Wellness Market within the store.

In an exclusive interview to UNI, Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach- Integrative Medicine, said,’Since I have been in Goa throughout the pandemic, it was natural for me to be on the lookout for honest and good quality products right from day to day essentials to fitness accessories, bath, and body care, etc. So that is how I came across Saukhyam, a fantastic lifestyle store that I felt connected to. It was amazing to see a range of organic and ethical food and products put together in that store.’ ‘Saukhyam has established a very authentic and ethical business which is very rare to find these days. They have created one of the first and finest wellness stores in Goa, which has all products related to health and lifestyle and connects farmers across the country. Their approach and vision are to create a sustainable food chain, which matches our vision and what we do. This is how we decided to first begin with Goa and set up our Luke’s Wellness Market within that store,’ he said. When asked was not it a challenge to set up a store during pandemic, Mr Coutinho, said,’We haven’t set up the store, the store already existed. We have opened up a Luke’s Wellness Market section within the store, that showcases the products that are handpicked by myself which can help add value to our health and life. The process was seamless. We recommended a few more brands that Saukhyam can add to the existing store and create a whole new Luke’s Wellness Market section.’
‘Somin and Simran, the owners of the Saukhyam store and good friends now have a common vision.

With this tie-up, we want to expand and create an ethical food chain with complete transparency,’ he said. On potential of the products in the Goan market, he said,’ It is great to see the level of awareness that’s picking up in Goa, which is why it was a pleasant surprise to see a store like Saukhyam and people coming by to buy products. We hope to see this awareness further increase with this collaboration. When there is more exposure, there is more scope for spreading knowledge, awareness, and education about how certain foods can help our health and we hope that through this collaboration we can make them available and reachable to local Goans to be able to use it and feel the difference.’

Speaking about shop-in-shop model,’ he said,’This initiative is a shop-in-shop model where we have a Luke’s Wellness Market section within the Saukhyam store. I have handpicked and selected the products for this particular section which belong to several lifestyle categories right from food and nutrition to hygiene care, fitness, and a lot more. Along with health products, we are also trying to infuse lifestyle into the system, because health is not just about eating clean foods, it’s holistic. So more than just a food venture, this is an initiative that combines food and lifestyle. In this shop-in-shop model, the buyers can touch and feel the product before buying. There are several products showcased in Luke’s Wellness Market section and will be revised on a monthly basis, as we want to cover maximum products and product ranges. We plan to include not just food, but all lifestyle products that can help enhance our health, ranging from bath and body care to cosmetics, utensils, fitness accessories, personal hygiene, books, and more. We believe that only eating healthy foods isn’t enough, but one needs an equal focus on movement, sleep, and emotional wellness to be truly healthy.

Luke’s Wellness Market, however, is also coming up with an e-commerce platform very soon wherein the vendors can shop online and at the same time have access to a much larger variety.’ Sharing his future plans for Goa, he said,’With the increasing health problems in Goa, we are also looking at setting up a base here, where we will practice along with my integrative team of doctors and nutritionists in the field of Integrative nutrition and lifestyle medicine. We are also looking to grow with Saukhyam as they open their second store really soon at Panjim, Goa. Parallelly we will continue to tie up with local vendors and farmers to give them a platform to sell their products, grow and add value to the ethical and sustainable food chain of Goa and the country.’