Annual Financial Horoscope 2021

Finance is not only an essential aspect of the business but also life. Just like it is needed to handle risks on the financial front, it is also necessary to take care of personal life. The finance 2021 horoscope is the exact mirror that lets you foresee how your finances would turn out to be in the future. Which is the best deal to invest in? Is the expense worth it? Should I take the risk? All such questions can be answered via astrology. The year 2021 exhibited an endless trail of uncertainties, loss, crash in markets, and a significant financial sector downfall. Many people lost a lot of money; businesses shut down, unemployment sprouted and companies came to a standstill. This made people more vigilant and pushed them to take precautions more seriously. The planetary placement, movement, and equation with the signs that would impact the financial sector can be explained in detail with the horoscope 2021 for finance. With pandemic losing its clutches from the economy, we can all see things bouncing back and re-opening opportunities for those who have been affected, along with the ones who are waiting for a chance to grow finance.

ARIES: Mercury in Aquarius has your back on the 25th as you begin 2021 in a very fortunate place with immediate financial gain. This is certainly not a bad way to start the year at all! This is a professionally excellent period in which you’ll be rewarded for work completed in the past as well as the present. You may also see some financial gain come in from overseas depending on your line of work thanks to the help of Venus in Aquarius on the 21st. This is a great time to make wise investments and keep your money safe allowing it to grow and serve you in the future.

TAURUS: This year is one of financial fruit for you dear Taurus, so you have little to fret about. You start the year in a strong financial position but you may be drawn to habits of excess such as overeating or overspending which can diminish your funds quite quickly if you don’t exercise some discipline! The money is there, but you don’t always need to be spending it. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 5th and this encourages you to be a little prudent and wise when it comes to your spending. This is a good time to set positive habits for the rest of the year.

GEMINI: You may project some worries onto your financial world at the start of this year due to the rather heavy impact of Mars in Taurus on the 22nd February but remember you have ultimate control especially around your attitude and outgoings when it comes to your spending. The Gemini approach to money can be fair-weather, that is some days you spend a lot and some days you spend nothing. Try to be consistent and you’ll farewell. The beginning of the year through to April sees you enjoying great financial profit with options to save and invest as well as to buy things of worth and value. Key placements to watch, which keeps you intuited when it comes to money. Venus in Aries on the 10th April can make you innovative and enterprising. There will be opportunities for travel this year so some expenses can arise, however when it comes to travel you should almost always say yes for this is a key part of your nature and mission and purpose in this world. Money may come to you via dalliances in the media, art world or realm of performing arts and communication.

CANCER: You may go into this year with an urge to spend in order to sate uncomfortable emotions or distracting thoughts triggered by Venus moving into Capricorn on the 28th of January. You should guard against this from the beginning. Make sure that you allow yourself some little treats but be mindful about your savings. Your desire to indulge can be met in a balanced way. Finding a structured approach to money will do you the world of good. You start on a strong financial high and are encouraged to invest or save as money continues to pour in. Finding ways to make your money for you should be your mission and you are encouraged to seek out experts in the field.

LEO: Leo is a sign that is guaranteed wealth due to its fixed nature. For Leo natives, things have a tendency to build over time rather than to flood in all at once; this is reflected well by the sign of patience. If you can stick to a course, you’ll be blessed with well-deserved rewards. The start of this year is one of great success but financially things may be a little low. You are still able to live comfortably but you are just not starting out at your highest point. It may be that you have chosen a career that pays less but is more emotionally fulfilling and rewarding or it could just be that you need to work your way up within a company before you see the spoils.

VIRGO: At the start of this year, your expenses are high but fortunately, there will still be no financial issues so there is no need to worry – the move of Venus into Capricorn on the 28th keeps you financially strong. February and March are especially good points of the year to jump up a pay bracket especially with Mercury moving into Aquarius on March 11th, so keep your eyes on the prize and make sure that you put yourself out there and keep applying for things that appeal to you. April brings a balance of high expense and financial gain for you to enjoy – you’ll manage to keep on top of things as Jupiter moves into Capricorn on the 6th. In May you’ll work for what you earn meaning that the harder you work the more you’ll get.

LIBRA: Dear Libra, your attitude to money is fairly sensible overall. A cardinal sign, you like to build up resources and are attracted to things of beauty and worth, especially if they can accrue value over time. You come from a place of abundance at the start of this year and this includes financially. You owe this to Venus’s movement into Capricorn on the 28th – this sign means business! You’ll be able to buy things that improve your home, appearance and workspace and you have an eye for the little details.

SCORPIO: You have an almost magical understanding of money and how to make it and you may find that money comes to you in very unusual ways or from unexpected places. Your tendency toward extremes can mean that you earn and lose money in an almost see-saw like motion, but with a little balance, you can iron out any kinks in your attitude towards money and make things work for you. Of course, what you seek is abundance and this is what you shall find this year.

SAGITTARIUS: Our ability to accrue money is impacted by many factors including our attitude towards it and our ability to be inventive and creative. Abundance is drawn to us when we think abundantly and with Venus in Capricorn on 28th January, this comes very naturally to you and is worth bearing in mind as the year proceeds. The start of this year is very financially successful and you are in a very comfortable position. It’s easy for you to save, seek advice and make wise investments. You have to guard against a tendency to have a very relaxed attitude to money – you tend to be very content about the fact that money can come and go and this may cause you to trigger plenty of financial feasts and famines.

CAPRICORN: Wealth is almost a certainty for Capricorn natives who are very bold and persevering when it comes to building and saving money. Consider the dragon who sleeps on a hoard of gold; you know how to keep material wealth safe and you understand the importance of investments and growth more than many. Understanding that being rich is one thing but building lasting wealth and a legacy is something else entirely is something you know very well.

ACQUARIUS: As a fixed sign, holding onto money comes rather naturally to you. 2021 is a year of great financial stability and growth and you’ll do well from the beginning with Venus in Sagittarius making you lucky from the 4th. You begin the year in a very financially comfortable place which affords you freedom when it comes to considering your next steps. You may spend quite a lot out on travel particularly but this is balanced by a healthy flow of money coming in.

PISCES: You may begin this year with fairly high expenses but this may simply be because there are essential and necessary payments that you need to be making. At least you are making these payments at the start of the year! As such, dig deep and focus on the payments that you need to be making and save whatever else you can. Move your mindset to needs rather than wants until you gain a little financial momentum. You’ll have further opportunities to reflect on your earnings and savings on March 17th as Venus moves into Pisces when you might be able to dig a little deeper into your financial goals for the future.