SER attains remarkable progress in safety related works of signal & telecommunication in Covid hit year

Kolkata, Jan 3 (Bureau) With the rapid growth of passenger and freight traffic, it has become necessary on the part of railways to modernize and maintain the signaling and interlocking equipments at stations on the important trunk lines and Signal Points in order to carry and ease the traffic movement. South Eastern Railway is always committed to provide safe and comfortable journey to the passengers across its jurisdiction.

South Eastern Railway, to fulfill this commitment, has been upkeeping all sorts of safety related works irrespective of all departments viz, mechanical, electrical, engineering and signal & tele communication during COVID hit year just gone by. The Signal & Tele Communication Department of South Eastern Railway has come forward with its entire machinery to conduct necessary maintenance and repairing works on regular measures over four Divisions viz, Kharagpur, Adra Ranchi and Chakradharpur with a view to ensure safe running of train services, a SER spokesperson here on Sunday said. Field workers and officers of Signalling & Telecommunication Department, without fear of COVID-19 PANDEMIC have taken challenge to perform sincerely their duties and have attended and successfully completed all kinds of safety related works of signalling and telecommunication viz., commissioning of Electronic Interlocking, Block Station & Block Sections, Route Relay Interlocking, Auto Signalling, Electronic Interlocking LED Signalling, Interlocking Level Crossing Gate, Sliding Boom, Replacement of old equipments, Out Point, Data Logger, Digital Gadgets etc.

All stations of South Eastern Railway have been provided with LED signal. Activities under Mission Satyanistha have been initiated. As a part of success, 3 major categories of training programme have been organised to impart training of the Telecom engineers & Supervisors. Steps have also been taken in regular basis to improve upkeep and cleanliness in work places. These apart, digital initiatives have been taken like counter communication system (CCS), UTS/Passenger Reservation System, installation of Wi-Fi at stations as passenger friendly steps. Important stations and other apparently sensitive stations have been equipped with CCTVs for better surveillance in context of safety and security of travelling passengers. Level Crossing gates are well equipped with sliding booms in respect of high safety. The Signaling and Interlocking works have significantly ensured the safe and expeditious running of trains throughout the system.

The overhauling and maintenance of Signal & Telecom equipments provided with railways is a never-ending process and South Eastern Railway has been doing this all along during lockdown and unlock periods in form of old assets replacement, modernization and their execution.