India’s top 5 businesswomens

New Delhi, Jan 9 (Agency) Even though they have been underrepresented in most of the segments of their professional journey, women worldwide are indeed picking up quickly to catch up with men. Here is a list of top 5 businesswomen in India who have steered the prospects of their companies towards profitability under their leadership.

  1. Nita Ambani
    Nita Ambani is an Indian philanthropist. She is the chairperson and founder of the Reliance Foundation, Dhirubhai Ambani International School and the executive director of Reliance Industries.
  2. Zia Mody
    One of the leading corporate lawyers in India, Mody was the mastermind behind two of the most noteworthy corporate deals of the recent past including that of Airtel and Telenor Group and Schneider Electric and the electric and automation business of Larsen and Toubro.
  3. Kiran Mazumdar- Shaw
    Though she is one of the richest and popular self-made businesswomen, she says she became an entrepreneur by accident as she never aspired to start a business. Creating a biopharmaceutical company called Bicon she has managed to make it one of the leaders in manufacturing a wide range of drugs.
  4. Suneeta Reddy
    Suneeta Reddy has been instrumental in making the Apollo chain of hospitals one of the biggest in the country growing its revenue by 14% in FY2018. The company has acquired Fortis Healthcare in a significant deal sometime back.
  5. Alice G. Vaidyan
    As the chairman and Managing Director of GIC, Alice G. Vaidyanathan’s achievements are noteworthy. GIC entered the league of the 10 leading global reinsures under her label leadership.