Aviation Professionals to be Considered First for Covid Vaccination in Phase 2 of Distribution

New Delhi, Jan 25 (Agency) India’s civil aviation industry professionals will be considered for anti-Covid vaccination during the second stage of the national inoculation drive. The industry has played a crucial role in the evacuation of millions and re-connecting supply chains to ferry essentials during the pandemic period.

The sector is considered as crucial for fast economic recovery, as air passengers’ numbers rise and markets re-open. The industry provides the solid logistical backend in the supply of vaccines to various hubs and regional centres across the country. In this context, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has written to the Health Ministry requesting that industry professionals be considered to be inoculated in the second phase.

Civil Aviation Ministry’s Joint Secretary Usha Padhee said: “We have already submitted an application and requested the Ministry of Health to consider the airline and airport staff in the second stage of vaccination.” Since they are involved in travel and also in the vaccine movement, we will enumerate the number of people who interact directly with the public for the vaccination.